Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This and that and a winner

Pink Castle Fabrics kindly donated that beautiful bundle to sponsor the Mod Pop Quiltalong, where a bunch of brave and courageous quilters are making Julie from Distant Pickle's Mod Pop Quilt with me. The rainbow bundle was the incentive to get over the fear and worry of sewing curves. Thank you to Brenda and the gang at Pink Castle Fabrics.

Fourteen quilters have mastered their curves and the Mod Pop block and were entered. Look at their curves:

Mod Pop - first blocks

I counted them in order from the first block posted by each person, and the winner is Anne. She is asdesigned on flickr and she blogs at Play Crafts. Congratulations Anne - her blocks are those beautiful deep blue/navy and grey ones.
It is not too late to join us, we are all going to piece these fun blocks for a bit.

In other quilty news, I forgot to show you the key fob that I made for my secret partner in the Mouthy Stitches Swap. A small little thing but so cute. I used the pattern by Leila from Where the Orchids Grow. I am going to make some more, these would make great little presents and the holidays are coming.
Key Fob

I am going to send the beautiful Marmalade hexies to Helen who blogs at Archie the Wonderdog. She has a nice pillow planned for her front room.

Marmalade flowers

I have been figuring out how to make palettes from pictures. I used the very easy to use palette builder at Play Crafts and a picture from our trip to Hawaii the summer before last:

Now, I was not thrilled by that palette, I was hoping to see more of the aqua out there in the ocean. So I  cropped the picture:

Much better, of course one can take control of one's palette, right?  Now I have to get on with some English Paper Piecing for the Travelin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop. My day is November 5 but I am not so great at EPP and will need the time. In the meantime, there is a new EPP block every day in this blog hop, the list is here if you have been missing the fun.

It is a working day, time to get a move on.




Anne said...

First of all, I am SO pleased that I won!! I love everything rainbow, and I'm already dreaming up what I'm going to do with this. :D Thank you thank you thank you! (And thank you Pink Castle Fabrics!!)

Second of all, you don't have to crop the picture ahead of time. :D See those square boxes in the corner of the palette builder tool? You can drag them inwards and it will crop the photo for you. If you click in the middle of the box and move it around, you can move the crop area where you want. It will make more sense when you try it, I hope!

I love the palette you made! And thanks again for hosting such a fun QAL, AND getting me over my fear of curves!


Judith, Belfast said...

Beautiful hexies L! And those mod pop blocks look amazing! I particularly like the purple and orange one! Jxo

Canadian Abroad said...

Yay for those hexies going to Helen. And to the wonderful different versions of the QAL happening.

Debbie said...

Congrats to Anne! I LOVE her Mod Pop!! And I also am in awe over how you cropping your Hawaii pic made such a difference in the palette - very fun!

Catherine said...

Helen will make something fabulous with the hexies! Love all those curves that people have completed, and loving the colours that you have chosen for you EPP, looking forward to seeing what you make

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats to everyone that tackled their curves :o)

dutchcomfort said...

Congrats to Anne and to all those amazing Mod Pop Makers!!! Thanks again Leanne, for hosting this qult-along!

Cindy said...

Yippee for Helen's hexies. The key fob is just super - would love to give this design a try. And hip hip hooray for Anne!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Thank you!!

All the Mod Pop blocks are wonderful (really, really need to get some things off my list so I can start!) - they're all so different and I can't wait to see what the quilts look like!

Your EPP palette makes my heart sing - they're my very favourite colours and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make xx

Rineke said...

Anne congratulations! Super to win this fabric. Thank yoe Leanne for this fun QAL!

Susan said...

What wonderful variety in the Mod Pop blocks! Great to see them all together! The palette builder is great fun, isn't it! Looking forward to seeing your EPP project!

Annabella said...

Wow - Anne's palette is beautiful but then they all are. Yeah for the hexies going to lovely Helen - hope there will be a biscuit for Archie.

Ann @thequiltingcats said...

Congratulations Anne!!!
For a moment I thought you misspelled my name Leanne! LOL

Love your Hexies!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Helen is a wonderful choice xxx

Sheila said...

Well done to Anne.
Helen will make something wonderful with those hexies.
I had a great "play" with the same palette maker.

CapitolaQuilter said...

Congrats Anne -

leanne said...

congratulations to Anne - have fun with the fabrics ! and so glad that Helen is getting those hexies - can't wait to see the pillow she makes that is if archie doesn't steal it to lay his precious head on :) and the travelling pic stitch hop is really fun :)