Saturday, October 20, 2012

Insight and practice

Marmalade flowers

I ordered some plastic hexagon and parallelogram shapes so I could English Paper Piece without dealing with the paper. I ordered from Foltvilag Web Shop which is in Hungary. I find it so much nicer to use plastic templates for EPP. These templates also fold in half for edge bits and you can put a pin through them for starting. They arrived on Thursday.

Plastic EPP shapes

I immediately needed to try the templates out and did not feel like cutting fabric. So I had this very cute little 2.5" charm pack of Marmalade fabric by Bonnie and Camille that Chrissy (she has a lovely store too, Sew Lux Fabric) had given me because she thought she was late in my bee - which she was not really and, seriously, this is me we are talking about, a woman with a million other projects to work on, but it was such a nice thing for her to do anyway. These little tiny fabrics were the perfect size and I used them without any trimming.

Marmalade flowers
The templates work really nicely and I stitched away. You can see the flowers are beautiful, with a very sweet and vintage feel. But this adorable fabric is just so not me. And I really did not truly realize that until now, so some insight has been gained.

Maybe I could gift them - I could sew them onto drawstring bags or zipper pouches or a pillow and give them to someone who loves sweet and vintage. Or maybe send them as is to a quilting friend who would use them. What would you do with them?

I am now warmed up for my turn on November 5 on the Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop. I am going to have to find a set of fabrics and layout for my hexagons that is more "me", but first I am checking out my photos for one with a good palette. And I expect to do that today, as I am itching to try out those 1/2" hexagons, they are so little.

Enjoy your weekend, snow is falling again this morning but I am sure it is not here for long - and then it will be autumn again.