Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday - a little progress

Mod Pop

I have been working on my larger Mod Pop quilt and sharing some tips on piecing curves in the Mod Pop QAL. We are having a giveaway too to get people over curve phobia, entries need to be in by Oct. 21. I love these blocks, now I am keen to get the quilt top done and start the quilting. I am just waiting on a more fabric supplies to arrive so I can make a big push on the block making.

#quiltphoto - just beginning - Liberty fabrics

These liberty tana lawns are now joined with a beautiful green/blue solid in groups of 4 but it was too dark last night to get a decent picture. Hopefully this week those will become rows of 12 squares and soon a top.

Tiny Ohio Star

This is a 3" Ohio Star made with Oakshott Liparis and light grey Essex Linen. I have made 2 stars so far.

On the floor - #quiltphoto

I think that they are going to be a Christmas runner or wall hanging or something, not sure what yet. I love Ohio Stars and plan to make a bunch more.

So on the WIP front, I am sewing blocks, for several projects, not focusing on any one project, but having fun.

I have also been making bee blocks over this last week or so.

Free Bee for Dan

Free Bee - an improv group - for Dan. This piece is about 17" x 14".

There were some leftovers

Some extras too with the leftovers.

Free Bee for Ethne

Free Bee for Ethne. This is a triangle with 18" sides.

New York Beauty - Always Bee Learning

Always Bee Learning, New York Beauty for Michonne. Paper piecing and I are not getting along that well this month, but the block looks good none the less.

Free Bee for Nicolette

Free Bee for Nicolette - inspired by the windows of Provence. And now I am almost caught up on my bee blocks, just a couple more to do and then there will be fabric arriving soon for a couple of more bees.

I have also joined a bunch of blog hops and need to share that news soon and get to work on the projects for them. And I have a couple of tickets to tell you about. I guess I have blogging homework to catch up on too.

I am going to link up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and the Needle and Thread Network - buttons for both are on the right side of my blog. I have gotten out of the WIP Wednesday habit and now I am less organized, so I am going to see what I can do to improve on that too. There will be wonderful inspiration at those links, I hope you have time to visit some of them.

The wind is blowing today, it feels like winter is on the way.




  1. Lots of lovelies, but I must say, I'm loving your oakshott stars!

  2. such gorgeous blocks, Leanne! You've been busy, those little Ohio stars are amazing!

  3. Wow, I love ALL the blocks you have going here. The colors are great on the ModPod, and the wonky triangle is so cute.

  4. Wow, you've been busy! I definitely want to try some of the Oakshotts. And I love the curved blocks.

  5. Love the Oakshott stars--they just say "fall" and holidays with the colorations.

    Bee blocks galore! I'm impressed that you are so creative block after block after block. I think I'd run out of creative mojo--how do you keep it going?

    I've been seeing some Mod Pop quilt blocks around the blogosphere and I think of you when I do. Your brights version is looking great.


  6. I love all your bee blocks! Mod Pop is looking fabulous, as are the little stars!

  7. You've been getting a lot done! How many bees are you in?

  8. Wow, as usual I can't believe all you've accomplished. The blocks are wonderful.

  9. Lots of lovely blocks there, I especially like the NYB.
    Its been feeling like winter here the last few days and then today has been quite mild! (well, here in the south east anyway!)

  10. Wonderful projects! I love that mod pop!

  11. The colourful mod pop blocks are fantastic!

  12. Your oakshott stars are fab! And the NYB was worth the angst, I think!!

  13. Wow. Your Mod Pop is going to be fantastic! Loving the solids you're piecing too!

  14. You have some very fun projects on the go! I really like the houses of provence! and am wondering how you do the curvy lines of the big triangle??

  15. Love the blocks with solids... so beautiful.

  16. Beautiful blocks Leanne - you always have so much on the go and all amazing! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite.

  17. Gosh.//I thought I was busy Leanne!!Great pieces.

  18. Man I love oakshott cottons, and your stars are incredible with them! Great pairing with the essex linen. :)

    Of course I ADORE your mod pop. It's SO good. I can't wait to see it as it develops. I'm always happy when you post updates in the flickr group. :)

    Your solids stash looks like it must be pretty amazing, given the beautiful blocks you are creating!

  19. The modpop colors are super.

  20. great blocks .... you've been a busy gal...
    keep up the good work
    in stitches

  21. I love your Oakshott stars. Just beautiful. And the colours of your Mod Pop are so striking. I can't wait to see it done.


  22. Your Bee blocks are super, I also love Ohio Star, hard to beat.
    I also admire your energy levels!

  23. Love all of these, but especially the liparis


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