Friday, August 17, 2012


Mod Pop

Thank you to everyone who entered my draw to win a copy of Julie from Distant Pickles's Mod Pop pattern. All the wonderful comments on the pattern were so fun to read and I know that Julie has really appreciated the support for her first pattern.

And the name ideas were great, thank you. Some made songs stick in my head, some made laugh, and most of them were inspired by water in some way. I have decided to call the my quilt Whitewater, although I have to say that lava lamp was a close second.

The winner of a copy of Julie's pattern (click here to buy one if you are not the winner) is Jenny - Narcoleptic in the Cupboard's Mum! I had the great pleasure of meeting my friend Sarah in person this summer at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London and I am sure hoping that Jenny will come next year so I can meet her too. Jenny I will send you an email with the details to collect your pattern.

Now a question: Would you quilt along with me? 

I have decided that I am going to make another Mod Pop this fall. I love the pattern and want a bigger quilt, but I need some company to make it again. If there are some of you who will join me, I will set up a flickr group and round up some prizes and it would be fun. Julie has agreed to provide help with the pattern if we need it and I have a few tricks to help you with sewing the curves. It would be a leisurely QAL - are you in? 

Whether or not you want to quilt along, I bet you do want to make the pattern. You can go here to purchase a copy from Julie. If you are still on the fence, you should head over to Julie's blog Distant Pickles here to see all the pattern tester's versions, they are all great.

Mod Pop - on the double hammock

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I have plans to be on the hammock a lot of the time.