Thursday, August 2, 2012

The things your kids can do

If you look at the cover of that new knitting book you will see that my daughter, Rebecca, is there - named on the cover. More about the book can be found here at Cooperative Press.  If you go to Rebecca's blog, Doilies Are Stylish you can read about the stunning shawl she designed - Iris.

I have been knitting with her forever, since she was about 10, maybe younger, although I think it was her grandmother who first taught her. She is a pretty excellent knitter.

Man, do you suppose she will autograph the book I am about to buy?

In quilting news, I have pieced the top of Mod Pop, and I am in love with it. I hope to quilt it right away, starting this weekend. I am already planning a larger one too.

Mod Pop - Top done

I told you already that Julie from Distant Pickles designed this one, right? She is going to give me a copy of the pattern to give away as soon as I finish, as long as my grade is high enough on this pattern testing venture, so stay tuned.

I have declared tomorrow another Friday off, it is a long weekend after all and I have great guests and beautiful weather.