Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012

July 2012

There is my July 2012 mosaic. Bee blocks, pattern testing and a pillow swap - and don't forget the hammock and the gazebo where naps and EPP happen from time to time.

Filmstrip block for Karen - Bee a {modern} Swapper

Since I have not shown off the bee blocks yet, I will do that now. This is a filmstrip block for Karen in Bee a {modern} Swapper. The pictures are from Summersville with some black Quilters Linen.

Filmstrip block for Karen - Bee a {modern} Swapper

This is the other film strip block. These fabrics are Children at Play and a bit more Summersville. I like the skinnier borders better, especially with these delicate pictures.

Free Bee for Stacey

This block is for Stacey in the Free Bee. She asked for blocks inspired by Rosie Lee Tompkins. This block had me worried but it was far more fun to make than I expected. Apparently it does not turn into a busy mess which was what I expected I would manage. Also, it has a substantial weight, with all those seams and all.

Hexies for Kristina

That is my first hexie blob for Megan in Always Bee Learning. I think she is working on a full bed size quilt in 1" hexies. I will be making some hexies for myself soon, I now know why they are so popular.

Block for Kristina - Always Bee Learning Bee

That is Megan's block for Always Bee Learning. I love that flower print in the middle.

I should also mention that I failed to produce a block for Debbie in the Modern Blocks Bee. I was piecing it and my iron spit on one of the pieces for which there was no extra. Close examination revealed a stain that persisted after dumping water on it so I sent her back all the bits. She has graciously agreed to fix it and is not the slightest bit annoyed at me.

Sometimes you mess up, luckily quilting bees are filled with quilters who work together and step in to help each other out. The possibility of making a mistake is no reason to avoid all the fun and friendship in the internet quilting bees.

Granny Square Block

August is my month in two bees. I have asked for granny squares in bright colours for my turn in the Modern Stitching Bee. I have asked everyone to sash the blocks so the quilt should come together quickly when I get to it. I have serious granny square envy and I am hopeful that I will soon have a beautiful granny square quilt of my own.

Free Bee - example block for my month

August is also my month in the Free Bee. That is my example block. I have asked for a focus bit of improv in any style and colour that people like surrounded by neutrals. I am hoping for a sampler of small improv blocks surrounded by neutrals - which will be a quilt in line with some of the things I have been playing with lately.

Lily's Quilts

As always, for the first of the month I am linking to Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts. I hope you will do that too and also head over and explore all the projects you will find linked there.

I am looking forward to the hot August nights and more summer to enjoy, before the busy fall begins.