Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Superior Threads Giveaway

The Blue Quilt

A couple of weeks ago my friend Elizabeth from Occasional Piece - Quilt! asked me if I would join in the giveaway that she and Cindy from Live a Colourful Life had arranged with the folks at Superior Threads to give away some of their thread. Well, I use Superior Threads' King Tut thread a fair bit, and I love it, so I jumped aboard. In fact, that Blue Quilt up there was quilted with King Tut thread which had been recommended to me by my local quilt shop.

Superior King Tut thread

Tonight I thought I would see how much King Tut thread I had in my thread drawer. Well, there is no shortage at my house, as you can see, and I have no hesitation in recommending it. I set all my spools down on my new little quilt - atmosphere. - as it too was quilted with King Tut thread.

I also have to say I was thinking about Bob, the Superior Thread trainer, whose videos I watched ages ago, so I went and watched a bunch of them again. I highly recommend watching these videos, if you are at all curious about thread - just click here for the link. One thing I learned tonight is that Superior Threads recommends titanium coated Topstitch Needles for all your quilting steps, and the 90/14 size for King Tut.

The Blue Quilt - detail

The Blue Quilt was the second quilt I made ever. It is made of HSTs in a pattern I first saw done by Katie at Sew Katie Did here. My desire to make value quilts like hers with HSTs was a lot of the initial push to start me quilting. I have since learned that this pattern is called a depression block.

The Blue Quilt - detail

In this photo you can see that I quilted the outside edges of the large squares in straight lines from one edge of the quilt to the other. For the smaller squares, I quilted the square but did not pass over the larger square HSTs. However, to avoid turning the quilt to outline those squares, I passed the quilt from edge to edge and just sewed one side of the inner square per pass. A lot of starting and stopping but to great effect.

The Blue Quilt - detail

Here is a close up of the lines. This quilt has been used and washed several times since I made it in the spring of 2010. The thread looks great. I especially like those nice detailed corners where all the lines intersect.

The Blue Quilt

So 12 bloggers are participating in Leap Day Superior Threads Giveaway today and I am one of them. I don't actually have the thread in my hands yet, it is in the mail, but there are 3 spools of thread - including King Tut or Masterpiece or both - on the way for me to give to you.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post - let me know your favourite colour of thread for quilting and if you have a tip on using or choosing thread please share that too.  I will draw a winner of the three spools of thread on Sunday morning (March 4) so you need to comment before then. Please make sure that you have an email attached to your profile or leave it in your comment as I will redraw if I cannot contact the winner.

The Blue Quilt

One more picture of the Blue Quilt, it is still one of my very favourites. This pattern has such a three dimensional effect.

Oh, and you can enter to win more thread from each of these other bloggers by visting their lovely  blogs today, February 29, Leap Day (just click the link to get there):

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