Monday, February 20, 2012

It's all in progress

Partner, how about some tiny tippecanoes

This picture gives you a bit of scale for the paper pieced Tippecanoe blocks I made for the front inset on the zipper pouch I am making for the Mouthy Stitches swap. The pattern is from Quilter's Cache here and I reduced it to 20%.

Zipper Pouch front

Here is where I am at so far. I have ripped a lot of things off of that little paper pieced middle and finally have settled on black quilter's linen (which is a screen printed cotton that looks a bit like linen). I am not at all sure my partner will like black so I may be back to the drawing board this week. But nothing else I had on had worked - instead of showcasing the tiny piecing, it just washed it out.

Cross your fingers for me that my partner likes it.


These are some close up shots of the quilting on the sewing machine cover I am making for my partner in the Love of Solids Swap. Those are greenish-olive blocks on Kona Espresso and it is really hard to get the colours correct. The thread is a variegated lime green.


These aqua bits are also hard to photograph. I used a variegated blue thread for this part.


More green bits. I love this tiny bit of stitching.


And some more aqua bits. Despite how much I love the piecing, I truly do love the quilting part of quilting, I need to do it more often.

FTLOS - So far, the next part makes it three dimensional

And then I heavily quilted the brown part in a variegated brown thread. This picture has the best colours so far, but still they are not completely right. Next I have to measure about 10 times and then cut, fold and stitch it. I am going to box the corners, line it, and have a nice cover with very few seams.

Prototype - sewing machine cover - FLOS

This is a prototype I made. I am now worried about having enough ease so the cover can go on and of the machine. If there is enough, I am going to stitch the edges like this prototype to give the cover a nice definition.

In other news, my youngest, who broke his upper arm last week, is healing and learning how hard it is to get about each day with only one arm. I hope this experience will develop a life long bit of empathy in him for those less able than him, as he will fully recover. In the meantime, we are all a bit tired out by the frustration and pain and lack of sleep - you know that no one understands you when you are 14 -  but we are getting through it.

There are more things in the works in my sewing room which I will tell you about next time but now I want to get back to sewing while the opportunity is here. Today is Family Day and a day off in Alberta.

Tuesday: Edited to add: I am going to link this to Heather and Megan at Fabric Tuesday, it looks like there are several lovely projects there already.

Fresh Poppy Design

And since this post is all about progress, I am linking it today (Wednesday) to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Also, with the Needle and Thread Network. I hope to find some time to browse through all the excellent projects this weekend.

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