Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still playing with solids

For the Love of Solids [a modern swap] - so far it is this.

I am this far with my piece for the Love of Solids [a modern swap]. (For those of you who are new to this project, here is the tutorial link by the Parfait Cafe for the swirls.)  I have been having a lot of fun but also this piece has been a challenge. I spent that last day deciding proportions.

It was longer at the top and bottom, and when I hung it up I knew it was not right. When I stopped thinking about it and just let my subconscious feel it, it was too long. I just knew that.

Sheesh, it's a long time since math class, but there I was dusting off my geometry and considering the golden ratio. (A helpful calculator is here.) Not that I have achieved that ratio exactly, but now it is closer   for the proportions that seemed off. And now it feels right.

The cool thing is that first I just pinned it where it "felt" right. Before I got out the math. Well that is almost exactly where it ended up. Seems good to listen to yourself as you work.

Now I am going to figure out the quilting, as I said earlier, I want to "distress" it, like sunbaked wood.

Enjoy your evening, it is beautiful here.