Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Mystery Unfolds

Tippecanoe - Mystery Quilt QAL

This block is called Tippecanoe. Sheila, the mastermind behind the Mystery Quilt QAL, explained that this block was one of the blocks that were designed as a tribute to William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), who was the ninth President of the United States.

Tippecanoe - Mystery Quilt QAL

This is a close up of another, I think they are wonderful. They are paper pieced but so much easier paper piecing than some of my other recent attempts so I only made a few silly mistakes. Like cutting off the fabric I had just sewn on. Sigh.

Mystery Quilt QAL: The most recent assignment - done

Here are the 7 tippecanoe blocks I made over the last two days, attached to the first block of the QAL. These are hard to sew on because there is a big blob of seams at the pointy ends. Although I was imagining a quilt of just tippecanoe blocks sewn together, I think it would be tiresome to try to join them.

Mystery Quilt QAL

Here are my Mystery QAL blocks all together, sun dappled on the deck. I still have some left over homework from the last lesson, but I think they look nice so far.

Today is a day for being outside in the garden, it is beautiful already. And I am almost done with the plum jam (56 jars so far), and just in time as the blackberries are ripening!