Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Q3 2018 FAL List

Well, there you go. I made a list for Q3 of the 2018 FAL. Starting at top left and moving clockwise.

  • Finish the layout and then finish my Bee Sewcial quilt from my November 2017 blocks.
  • Finish blocks for my Sew Sisters Canada 150 quilt. 
  • Make a back for the Tula Pink quilt and finish it.
  • Quilt my Improv Under he Influence Quilt.
  • Make my Round Peg Square Hole blocks into a cushion or baby quilt.
  • Finish my Bella Skill Builder blocks and finish the quilt.
  • Finish knitting the Orthogonal Shawl.
  • Decide on a layout and finish my Bee Sewcial quilt from my November 2016 blocks.
  • Finish the blocks and make the quilt for the pink, gold/mustard and navy quilt.
There is, of course, an extremely good chance that I won't finish all of this but it feels good to make a list.

Have you made your list yet? You can join us for Q3 of the 2018 FAL, you are welcome to do so, whether or not you have been part of the last two.




  1. Your list is full of so much fabulousness. Thank you for posting up (and hosting)...on behalf of the rest of the FAL crew.

  2. Great list - thanks for hosting and good luck getting to your own list!


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