Sunday, July 29, 2018

More improv, more progress

I've been working on my improv sampler, I have this much done. I need to move it to a different design area as I can't easily reach the top above my sewing machine to organize the blocks. But I do know that the space you see up to the end of the plus blocks on the far right is about what I need to fill up for a 60" square.

I cut some pieces big enough to work on the part I am doing next, then I use them up, then cut some more. I am trying to decide what kind of improv blocks to make next. This project has been so good for kick starting my quilting creativity, as I am playing with all sorts of improv. Also, I find improv with prints challenging and the lack of contrast adds even more difficulty. So both challenging and creative.

I especially like how these rosettes have come together.

And the string blocks, I have always resisted making many of these but they are so easy to make, especially when you don't bother with a foundation. You just need to remember they are very stretchy because they are cut on the bias so need to be handled with care.

Next time I make blocks like these, I will try to share more of the process for construction of them.

I am missing reading blogs of folks who share their quilting, sewing and knitting progress and processes. If you have suggestions of blogs, including your own, for me to consider, please leave me a note in the comments.