Sunday, June 26, 2016

piecing the improv together


On Saturday, it was raining. Not that hard but on and off, but enough that I could easily let the thought of gardening go. And my knee stopped hurting, at least mostly, it was like suddenly feeling 10 years younger, not having that huge pain every time I stood up. So I set about piecing my maximalist Bee Sewcial blocks together. I worked in lumps and chunks - from where they were last time I shared them.


The trickiest part was to piece in the curvy piano keys. I used some pins to mark the overlap while on the design wall.


Then I cut about 1/4 - 1/2" away from them for the seam allowance, along the curve, and sewed it together like any other curve.


Along the way I added some strips and bits, as I have been trying very hard to not cut anything off the blocks. Here is where I left it until tonight. Tonight I tried to join some more of it but I'm tired from a day of gardening. I was not really taking good care and I realized it was not going to work well if I was not into it. Maybe tomorrow I will do more and be back into this quilt, which I adore.

The thing is tonight, I was thinking that although these blocks and their riot of colours makes me smile every time I look at them, that maximalist is hard for me. Tonight, I was thinking about making a quilt about line. Maybe even about one line. I'm going to have to give a lot of thought to the colour of that line, and it's width and orientation. But it will be so quiet, that quilt, linear even. Tonight, even a quilt like Breathe seems to be too much. Maximalist brings out the extreme minimalist in me, who knew?