Monday, February 29, 2016

SCQ Blog Birthday Celebration - Giveaway sponsored by Fabric Spark

Welcome to the next celebration, because I've hit some quilty and internet milestones:
  • My 5 year blog birthday is in less than a month - on March 12, 2016 
  • I have over 6000 blog followers
  • I have over 6500 instagram followers
To thank you for being here, as part of my quilting community,  I have arranged for some giveaways from my sponsors over the next few weeks, and I will have a giveaway from me in the week of my actual blog birthday too.

Today, I'm giving away this beautiful bundle for 12 fat quarters that Daryl at Fabric Spark invited me to curate for her Monthly Sparks Fabric Club. This is the March bundle for this club, and Daryl was kind enough to cut an extra one to help us celebrate my blog birthday. Thank you to Fabric Spark!

Fabric Spark is a Canadian online fabric shop run by my friend Daryl out of the Toronto area. I have had the chance to meet with Daryl in Toronto, where Fabric Spark is based and also at Quilt Market. She is fabulous and has been a supportive sponsor of my blog for a long time now.

Daryl personally curates each fabric choice for Fabric Spark, and only stocks fabrics she loves. When you stop to look at a particular fabric in her shop, you can read not only about the fabric, but also about Daryl's spark, her ideas and thoughts about the fabric and what it might be used for.

Fabric Spark regularly receives new fabrics - quilting cottons and also a wide range of other substrates too. Daryl also stocks Big Wool which is a lovely, soft, very chunky yarn in beautiful colours. She ships in both Canada and the USA for very reasonable prices and her orders arrive quickly. Daryl is lovely to deal with - her customer service is top notch.

There are a few ways to enter this giveaway which will be selected by the random number generator:
  • Leave a comment on this blog post. 
  • If you have not already done so, sign up for the Fabric Spark newsletter - go here and scroll to the bottom -  and then come back and leave a second comment letting me know that you did - or that you already receive it. 
  • If you are a follower of my blog - existing or new - leave a third comment here letting me know how you follow me.
  • To clarify, you can enter by leaving comments here as set out above and also by following the instagram post instructions if you would like. I will take the entries from both and draw from the entire pool.
  • Help me lovely people - if you don't have your email attached to your commenting profile, please leave it in your comment (emailhandle [at] provider.comorwhatever - is a way to make it more secure if you like.) If I cannot contact you I will immediately draw again. 
The giveaway will close at Midnight on Friday, March 4, 2016, MST, and I will use the random number generator to draw the winner from the comments on this post and on my instagram post and announce the winner on Saturday.

Isn't that just the best bundle- it was so fun to curate it.

Thank you for all the inspiration, support and encouragement while I travel along my quilting journey!

Edited: This giveaway is now closed.

I still have not really been able to sew since QuiltCon - just too much inspiration overload - but I have a plan for later on today after work. Wish me luck.




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Celeste D. said...

I follow your blog via Bloglovin.

Hayley said...

What a lovely bundle!!

Hayley said...

I follow you via Bloglovin

mamasem said...

Best bundle ever! Tnx.

mamasem said...

I follow you through bloglovin

Dolinarjeva at gmail dot com

mamasem said...

I subscribed to fabric spark's newsletter.
Dolinarjeva at gmail dot com

the running hare said...

Fab giveaway Leanne!

the running hare said...

I follow your blog and on IG

Rita Lynn said...

I signed up for the spark newsletter.

Rita Lynn said...

I follow you on Bloglovn

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