Saturday, February 13, 2016



I made these 10 simple napkins today. My family has been using cloth napkins - mostly home made ones - for about 20 years. Estimating low, that is over 30,000 paper napkins that were not used and not thrown in the garbage. I wash them with our towels, and they don't change the number of towel loads of laundry either. And cloth napkins are fun.


But eventually they wear out, and I've been meaning to make more. When I found this bundle in my stash today of linen mochi dot by Moda which is 100% cotton but feels like linen, I decided it was a perfect match. I cut 16" squares. I folded and pressed the edges over at about 1/4" twice.  Then I sewed two opposite sides and then the other two sides. I used my walking foot as the corners are thick.

I'll wash them in the morning and give them a press and they will be ready for dinner tomorrow. We could use some more too, I'll look for another fabric choice tomorrow.

I was giving my sewing space a major tidy and reorganizing today. Maybe I will finish tomorrow and share some photos here - there are a couple on instagram if you want to see sooner.

Don't forget to join Nicky from Mrs. Sew and Sow and I for the February Scraptastic Tuesday link. You have until 10 pm MST on Monday night to join us. Go here to link up your scrappy project.

And, I'll tell you more on Monday, but I have organized some great giveaways over the next month to celebrate my 5 year blogging anniversary - on March 12 - and some other internet milestones too.