Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'll be quilting today

Quilting  today

Here is my quilt this morning, just waiting for me to get back to it. I was quilting last weekend and then a week of no sewing.

Quilting detail

I am quilting mostly lines, free hand - no computer, no channel locks. They are intended to be industrial, with some wobbles and imperfections. It is best to intend what you do and I have loads of imperfections - good thing I love them. Too perfect is not my thing on a quilt.

Quilting detail

On the orange bits I am sort free hand echoing the curve. You can see my nemesis in all this free hand quilting, going around the low volume curved edges - totally industrial wobbly. I am adding several passes to show that this is intentional.

Quilting detail

This ariel view sort of straight line quilting is something that I love and have done before. I was inspired by many folks, but especially Krista Withers and Carolyn Friedlander. In fact it looks something like Carolyn's fabrics too, but I first noticed it on the quilts in her book.

Quilting detail

I have had a lot of thread breaks so far. I am using 100% cotton Superior Threads King Tut and if I turn that right to left corner too fast it just breaks at the needle. I will mend in those ends later and no one will be the wiser. This style of quilting uses a lot of thread too, I am thinking I might have to change to another spool for the middle as I don't have enough of the one thread for the whole quilt and then can come back to this one for the bottom third - again, my hope is to make these things intentional, even retroactively.

I am planning to quilt today, and do some chores too, and take a walk I hope, I need to get back into walking fitness for QuiltCon - are you going?