Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Gardenvale Giveaway sponsored by Green Fairy Quilts

Today, Judi and Clint Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts have generously sponsored a giveway of layer cake of Gardenvale, by Jen Kingwell!

When Clint suggested a give away, I suggested the Gardenvale Layer Cake because I know several of you are making or considering making a Jen Kingwell pattern. I am just now ready to get started on her My Small World quilt pattern. After I met Jen and Richard at Quilt Market and saw her actual quilt, I was sold - even though this is not my usual style, I am making it anyway. My copy of Quilt Mania - with the pattern in it - even arrived from France late last week. I was thinking that if you were working on one of Jen's scrappy quilt patterns, a layer cake of her own fabrics would be a nice addition to your fabric options.

Let me tell you a bit about Green Fairy Quilts. Judi Madsen - her beautiful blog is here - is a fantastic, award winning long arm quilter, author, and pattern designer. Her work is stunning and inspirational. The shop is run by Clint, who selects the fabric, runs all aspects of the website and takes care of customer service. He is a dream to deal with, always quick to respond to a request or question.

I regularly purchase from Green Fairy Quilts and am never disappointed. They focus on a wide selection of the best priced precuts, threads and notions. In fact, Green Fairy Quilts is prepared to beat any advertised price plus shipping costs from that shop with their price plus shipping costs, auctions excluded. They also have free shipping in the USA and free shipping for larger orders for the rest of the world. Besides fabrics, I have purchased a lot of beautiful thread from Green Fairy Quilts, they have a huge selection. Besides the prices and products, I love the excellent customer service.

So to enter the giveaway, which I will draw randomly, you can have up to three entries, each comment is one entry:

 ---- this giveaway is now closed -----
  • Leave me a comment, if you like you can tell me what your summer/winter holiday plans are,
  • Sign up for the Green Fairy Quilts Newsletter here and come back and let me know you did or already do. The newsletter is the best way to keep up with their regular sale features and new products. And,
  • If you follow me somewhere, on the blog or elsewhere - I'm shecanquilt most everywhere - leave a third comment letting  me know where and how.
Edit:  Please, please, leave me your email or your instagram or twitter handle or some way to find you if you win! I was about to reply to the comment of "bidtl" to say I have won a give away as commenter #1 but she is no reply. 

I'll leave this give away open until about 6:00 a.m. Monday June 29 and I'll announce the winner then.

Now I am off to have dinner and then to start pulling fabrics for my quilt.




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rrjane011749 said...

I get the Green Fairy Quilts newsletter!

rrjane011749 said...

Summer plans--sewing my brains out!

Ramona said...

I am planning on doing lots of sewing, organizing and some travel this summer.

Ramona said...

I already get the Green Fairy Quilts newsletter.

Ramona said...

I follow you by email.

trudys_person said...

I'm planning on bicycling as much as I can, and fitting in quilting around that! And then going on a little vacation in September, when travel is a little quieter ... Thanks Leanne!

Tu-Na Quilts said...

Summer plans include quilt, travel and eat.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

I signed up for the Green Fairy Quilt newsletter.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

I follow you with email updates.

curious said...

Being outside and creating a neat looking garden. Sincerely, Paula K.

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