Saturday, October 11, 2014

Q4 FAL blue sky list

Finish Along 2014

It's Q4 in the FAL, and time to make my list for the last quarter of the year. If you have not done so yet, get your list made and head over to see Katy at The Littlest Thistle to join the fun, there's only three days left to get your own link up.

I always dream of so much quilting in the last quarter of the year. The long, long dark nights are perfect for making cuddly blankets, and the holidays are even more incentive to finish some things. With that in mind, and no laughing, today I am deadly serious about this plan, here is my list for Q4, in no particular order:

Decipher Your Quilt - blocks

1. Decipher Your Quilt blocks - I am going to make these into a finished, happy quilt.

Improv strips - in progress

2. Modern tiny guitar case - the bundle of interfacing has arrived, and this is going to be fun to finish.

Improv log cabin blocks

3. ColourFUL improv log cabins: This bundle of fabrics has a bunch of woven textured fabrics included. I think this will be a perfect fall quilt.

Blended Scraps

4. New Blended Scraps quilt - I have some blue blocks done too. I think this one might be a Christmas present for someone - so that means get it done. By the way, Nicky and I have great sponsors for Scraptastic Tuesday, do plan to join us this coming Tuesday in the link up.

Pickledish block

5. King size Pickle Dish - It feels like I have listed this quilt on almost every quarter of the FAL. Now I have the machine to quilt her, so it is time to finish her off.

Improv Sampler - in progress

6. Free bee quilt - My friend Marianne mentioned her Free Bee blocks at lunch last week which reminded me that I have these beauties to turn into a quilt. Now would be good.

Stonehenge block quilt - in progress

7. Modern Block Bee blocks - I have enough of these blocks for a small baby quilt, and babies are being born all about me. I'm going to stop thinking about making more blocks and instead make that baby quilt so I can give it away.

Mystery Quilt - basted

8. Mystery quilt - This is the most beautiful quilt top I have made - Sheila's pattern and teaching have a lot to do with that. I know you are tired of seeing it on these lists, so I am ultra determined to finish her this quarter.

Ocean Waves - top

9. Ocean Waves - these are the blocks are from my bee mates in Always Bee Learning. I've got 6 more blocks to make and finish her off, so that this quilt will be on the fancy sofa for the holidays.

No - for the No quilt

10. The No quilt is a project near to my heart, and has sat mostly stalled. I am putting it on the list because I really, really want this quilt finished. Really, the length of my lists might be a good reason to finish her, I seem to not get the message (just say no, Leanne!) yet.

Other stuff not on the list because it's not started or doesn't qualify:

  • new modern quilt pattern to go with Canvas - it's just in my head, I hope to start it this weekend so not on the list yet. I'll need some testers - if you are interested let me know.
  • a new Cycles quilt - I have at least two more in my head.
  • a bed size Landmarks quilt - this will be another scrap project.
  • another quilt pattern - just sorting out the details on this one and am very excited.
  • a City Sampler Quilt using Tula Pink's book - yet another scrap project.
  • a blog hop quilt - this one will be very fun and fast.
  • some device covers - I have it in mind to make a bunch of these for holiday presents, and at least a new one for my computer.
I am stopping now, clearly that feeling of not knowing what to do today just needed a list. It's a long weekend here, good thing.

Happy Thanksgiving!