Sunday, April 6, 2014

Q2 FAL and AYOLF lists

Finish Along 2014

It's Q2 already in the 2014 FAL - time to make and link up our lists of works in progress that we hope to finish this quarter. Again, I have a very long list, but it is in part because I just cannot pick which things I want to work on the most. I hope you are making your list too, it is time to link it up over at Katy's blog, the Littlest Thistle.

A number of these are carry forwards from last quarter. Here is my list:

Modern Stitching Bee top

1. Modern Blocks Bee quilt - The top is done, but for a couple of mistakes in the bottom right to fix. She needs a back and some quilting.

Pickle dish progress

2. Pickle Dish - This quilt was a big factor in getting my new long arm machine. So it is time to get it finished.

Asterix and other symbols - in progress

3. Asterix and other symbols quilt - I have all the blocks back from the talented quilters in Always Bee Learning, and have made no more progress. Time to make a quilt.

Improv Sampler - in progress

4. These Free Bee blocks have now been sewn together. I pieced this top but now I am going to take it apart and add a few bits of background. Then to finish it off.

Stonehenge block quilt - in progress

5. This block is called Stonehenge from the 99 Modern Blocks book and was made for me in the now finished Modern Blocks Bee. The top is now pieced, so it just needs quilting and binding.

No - for the No quilt

6. The No quilt is a project near to my heart, and has sat mostly stalled. I am putting it on the list because I really, really want this quilt finished.

Emerald Irish Chain

7. Emerald Irish Chain - Truly should be done already. Enough said.

Placemat in progress

8. Placemats - There should be four finished, not just one.

Mystery Quilt - basted

9. Mystery quilt - This is the most beautiful quilt top I have made - Sheila's pattern and teaching have a lot to do with that. I have been too scared to quilt it, but now I have the long arm. Time to finish this one off.

Ocean Waves - top

10. Ocean Waves - these are the blocks are from my bee mates in Always Bee Learning and I made a few more to finish this top. As I look at this photo I am wondering if I should add another row at the top. Whether I do or not, it is time to get it all finished.

Colour Study pillows in progress

11. Colour Study Pillows: one front is quilted and the other has the quilting half done. They will be 20" pillows when they are done.

Colour Study in progress

12. Not solid, industrial look Colour Study: Her borders will be expresso brown Essex Linen. I hope to have the pattern done soon too. This version of the Colour Study quilt and also finishing the pattern for it are on both my Q2 FAL list and also my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.

Hopefully I can get all of these done, at least more than four like Q1. And I am spiffing up the blog, if you are reading in a reader, click through and let me know if you like the new look - which is coming together so nicely wholly due to the assistance of my friend Kat.