Monday, February 3, 2014

a little help from my friends - community

One of my internet friends is Rachaael, from imagine gnats - she is creative, talented, generous and fun. That is a picture of shirts made from her Bess Top pattern.

Rachael has a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo. She wants to move into the business of printed patterns. She needs help to do that. On Saturday I became one of her funders. On Sunday, she sought me out on Instagram to say thank you and offer a giant hug. Today, I am asking you to consider helping her too, not because she asked me to, but because I want to. Rachael is lovely, she works hard and I like her and her work.

She doesn't need that much, and if a whole lot of us contributed the value of one yard of fabric or one of her pdf patterns, she will reach her goal in no time . Rachael's Indiegogo campaign is here, and there are rewards for even the smallest donation too.

And while I am talking about helping each other out, I have another friend, Alison from Little Island Quilting, who is incredibly talented and inspiring. Alison met some street children in Mexico City over the holidays.  Tomorrow I will share the blocks I am sending to Alison for her "I am loved - soy amado" project - so she can make quilts for those children who touched her heart and who need so much  (go here to read about it).

I am hoping you will also make and send Alison a block or two as well - look at the beautiful quilt she has already made, but she needs lots more blocks to make more quilts. I know you like to make blocks, click here and let her know you are sending a block too.

One of my favourite songs of all time, by the Beatles,  goes: "I get by with a little help from my friends." And its true, we get the help need and we need to give the help that's needed, that's how communities work.