Friday, February 7, 2014

A few things on Friday

Riley Blake MQG Challenge

I have been quilting my Riley Blake Modern Quilt Guild Challenge Quilt. This quilt definitely needs a better name, I will think up one today maybe. I am quilting lines about .5" apart with my Horizon using the walking foot. After the matchstick quilting, this seems really far apart to me. I need to resist the urge to go back and do another line in between each one, as this challenge needs to be finished very soon.

Riley Blake MQG Challenge Quilt - back

In fact, I am going to join in with Shanna, Fiber of all Sorts and Melissa of Sweet Bitter Designs and make finishing this one a February goal. I don't want to miss finishing it in all the distractions this month.

Colourful block for Alison

My today's goal is to get these bright quilt as you go blocks off in the mail to Alison, Little Island Quilting, for her "I am loved, Soy Amado" project. I left them slightly larger than her requested 12.5" size so she can trim them as she likes.

Colourful block for Alison

These blocks took no time at all with scraps and some left over bits in my pile and making them was fun and relaxing. It's not too late for you to send some too. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has stopped here, on Instagram and on Flickr to congratulate me about Cycles 2's ribbon. The encouragement, inspiration, and friendship that the internet quilting community has given to me is fantastic and I am certain quilts like Cycles 2 would not have happened without it.


Jess from The Elven Garden and I are having fun planning this project. Grab the button and stay tuned.

Today I am waiting to see what happens, the long arm is scheduled for delivery on Monday, but I am still hoping beyond hope that it will arrive today, it is actually still slightly possible.