Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The other side of the quilt - my quilt backs

Before washing, ROYGBIV back

Katie at Swim, Bike, Quilt has invited people to share the backs of their quilts. So I thought I would collect the pictures  that I have of the backs of my baby and larger size quilts. In making this post I also learned that I did not keep photos of all my quilt backs, especially the ones that are just plain.

That one above is the back of my ROYGBIV Log Cabin quilt. I still want to make a quilt front like that one. This quilt was made for my friend Claire.

On the Tiles - back

On the Tiles. This one is at the island house.

Liberated (emergency) Baby Quilt - back

Liberated (emergency) Baby Quilt. Gifted to a friend's lovely baby.

Party Rings

Party Rings. This one is currently off at University with my niece, and I am so glad she would pack it and take it miles from home.

No Primary Colours, the Quilt - back

No Primary Colours. This one has been abducted by my son.

Kaleidoscope Quilt - back

Kaleidoscope. This one is with my nephew, who is also at University. Don't ever doubt that young people love getting a quilt made just for them or that they will bring it along to wherever they are living.

Puppies, Boys and Monkeys Quilt

Puppies, Boys and Monkeys. This is quilt was made for my youngest son and is on his bed.

230511 - lime green quilt, back

Lime green quilt - an Irish Chain on the front. This one is also on the coast on my bed.

Magnolia Quilt, back

Magnolia Quilt. A gift to a friend.

back, pink zig zag quilt

Pink Zig Zag Quilt. This quilt is the first I ever made, it started the whole adventure.

Back, Rainbow Warmth

Rainbow Warmth. Donated to Quilts Recover.

Turquoise Ocean - back

Turquoise Ocean. Also on the coast, on a bed.

Supernova, back detail.

Supernova. A gift to another friend.

Mod Pop back

King Size Mod Pop (and here too)- I am not sure I ever settled on a name for this quilt. It is one of the quilts that I use on my bed.

Red - back detail

Red (and here too). She lives on the coast.

Butterflies - back

Butterflies (and here too). Gifted to another friend.

Mod Pop - back

Whitewater. Gifted to a my niece's baby - great niece maybe, she is great anyway.

Echo Stained - back

Echo Stained. She lives here.

Scrappy Trip - Back

Scrappy Trip. This one gets dragged across the country so that there is a car quilt on long trips.

Octagonal Orb - back

Octagonal Orb. Donated to Siblings Together.

Swirling Medallion - back

Swirling Medallion. She lives here.

Granny Squares - back

Granny Squares. On my lap right now.

Cycles 2 - back

Cycles 2. Soon to be on the wall, she just needs a hanging sleeve.

I am going to have to photograph a few more quilt backs to complete my set. You can also view all these quilt backs on Flickr here, and if you want to see the fronts again, just click the names of the quilts.

I have to say that this exercise of collecting all my quilt backs has made me happy. I often feel stuck at the making the back stage of a quilt, but it looks like my quilt backs are often more interesting than I remembered.

Go ahead, you can share your quilt backs too, and see what other folks have been coming up with.




  1. What a quilt show! And isn't it fun to see the backs, which are often hidden! And your backs are as wonderful as the fronts!

  2. I agree with Susan - all beauties!

  3. I am so lazy... I hardly ever do anything on the back of my quilts. I love to use vintage sheets, or flannel sheets for backs tho.

  4. There's something awfully nice about a pieced back - you have some real stunners! On the BACKS! I am so impressed.

  5. All gorgeous! I am a little lazy when it comes the back and mainly use solids or the ubiquitous Ikea number print ;-)

  6. Your backs are a treat in themselves. Luv that super large floral!

  7. Wow those backs are really alternative fronts! I'm afraid I'm not one for piecing backings much. Mainly because I find it so hard to line the backing up straight with the front (though I'm getting a little better at that) and because the cost of fabrics here in the UK makes it a little prohibitive.

  8. Wow, some of those look like fronts rather than backs, love them all!

  9. It was so much fun to see a whole post full of beautiful quilt backs! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  10. What a nice back side parade!

  11. What beauties! I'm struggling to find a favorite. It's between the ROYGBIV Log Cabin, the Ikea print on your scrappy trip along and Cycles 2 (I just love the subtle difference the tread colours give!)

  12. Holy wow! Prettiest backsides ever! I still can't get over the fact that that is actually the back of your ROYGBIV quilt!

  13. what a amazing collection of quilt backs - some of them are worthy of being on the front !

  14. This was great fun and you prompted me to make a 'set' of my backs too....I strive to be more creative!

  15. The backs of your quilts are terrific--much more interesting than the backs of my quilts. By the time I get to the back, I'm just so ready to be DONE. Having said that, I always try to photograph both front and back of a quilt for archival reasons, so I do have a complete set of photographs. Fun idea to show the backs of quilts!

  16. Wow!!! Your backs are better than my fronts!

  17. Your quilt backs are wonderful. I especially like the Octagonal Orb back. Afraid mine are rather plain. I'm pretty selective about the fabric so that it has the right feel to go with the front but don't do much in the way of piecing. Mostly single fabric backs. I think I need to spice it up a bit.

  18. My quilt adventure started with that very same fabric as your pink zig zag quilt. great minds think alike.

  19. Such wonderful quilt backings! I must admit that sometimes I make really cool backs and sometimes I just use a sheet as a one piece back.

  20. This is my very favorite blog post I have read in awhile....I love how you added "where" all the quilts have ended up!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I added yours to my blog list....as I love your work!! :)

  21. Great collection of quilt backs! I love how varied they are. Octagonal orb was my favorite, very interesting back!

  22. I've always thought that your quilts are amazing, and now I see that their backs are too!!

  23. Really cool seeing all those backings together. Some are more like a double A side album!

  24. I love these quilt backs--octagonal orb is my favorite. I want to make one like it!!


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