Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thank you to our Q3 FAL Sponsors!

she can quilt

Today I want to thank the Q3 Finish-A-Long sponsors. One of the lovely parts of the on-line quilting community is the generosity of the on-line quilting retailers who are willing and able to support on-line events like the FAL with prizes.

First I will remind you that each finish you link from your Q3 list becomes an entry into the randomly chosen draw for each of the following prizes, so get your finishes linked up before midnight October 7. If you are almost done one last finish for Q3, these prizes might give you just that extra incentive to finish it off.

Here are our wonderful Q3 sponsors:

Quilter in The Gap
Surprise Package from Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap

£25 Gift Certificate from Tikki London

Texty Fabric Bundle from Sew me a Song

There are some things I wanted to share about these sponsors:

  • I have shopped at all of these shops (yup, I am an experienced shopper) and each of them is lovely to deal with - they have excellent products and customer service.
  • All of them are happy to ship to me in Canada and to you wherever you are.
  • Each of them would love you to take a few minutes to visit their on-line shops (just click the buttons above) and take a look around. While you are there, please consider taking a minute to send them an email thanking them for their support of the FAL.

And get your Q4 lists ready, as I am so pleased to report that each and every one of these sponsors has generously agreed to be here supporting us for Q4 too - and I even have a couple more sponsors to add to our list for the beginning of Q4. (If you would also like to sponsor Q4 of the FAL, please email me at shecanquilt [at] gmail [dot]com.)

One more time, here is the upcoming FAL schedule:
  • October 1 - 7 -  Q3 tutorials will run on this blog.
  • October 7 -     The Q3 post quarter link up closes at midnight, MST.
  • October 8 -     The Q4 pre-quarter link up opens - please post your Q4 list.
  • October 15 -    The Q4 pre-quarter link closes at midnight, MST.  
  • January 1 -      The Q4 post-quarter link opens.
  • January 8 -     The Q4 post quarter link closes.
  • January 9 -     The 2014 Finish-A-Long begins, with a great new host! (I'll tell you who soon.)
Go here to link up your Q3 finishes, I will be checking them all (every single one - I love seeing all your finishes) out and commenting when I can. Do take a minute to visit some of the other finishes, and remember to leave a comment or two as well, we all love comments.

There are more tutorials for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - I sure love the tutorial week of the FAL, I hope you do too.




dutchcomfort said...

Love the tutorials and all those fabulous sponsors! And we all love you, of course! This F.A.L. is always so much fun and really works for me (even though it’s almost all last minute work!)

pennydog said...

Thank you sponsors (and of course Leanne for organising this whole thing)!

Nicky said...

Sigh I did lots but nothing on my list! Thanks to the sponsors! All or nothing next time around!

CapitolaQuilter said...

Fabulous Sponsors - thanks for being on board again for Q4 and welcome to the new ones. You're so good to us Leanne, keeping the us all encouraged to finish!

Debbie said...

I'm enjoying the tutorials too AND am so grateful to our awesome and generous sponsors!

Carla said...

Thank you Leanne for all your hard work ; ) We appreciate you and all the generous sponsors.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Yay for the sponsors, especially as I have shopped at pretty much all of them!!

Claire said...

I have shopped with a few of the sponsors as well. They are very generous prizes and its great to see what others have been able to finish.

Catherine said...

Fantastic sponsors and prizes