Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Wednesday again, bits of progress

Last Wednesday I had so much progress to share, this week, not so much. I made a back for my Granny Square quilt, quilted it and trimmed it. I take my quilts to my largest table to trim them so that I can spread them out to keep the edges square and straight.

In case you are looking for it, the tutorial for the Granny Squares is here at Blue Elephant Stitches. Oh, and these beautiful grannies were made by my talented friends in the Modern Stitching Bee last year so it is about time that they become a quilt.

While I was there I trimmed the Giant Plus and the St. Louis 16 Patch quilts too. This coming week I am binding all three.

I found this cute pink cube at the store. It is a wireless bluetooth speaker that will play music from my iPhone or computer. It can work anywhere, on the sewing machine, on the dash of the car, at work. And, did I mention that it is pink.

I bought a 30 yard roll of batting from my local quilt shop. I like having loads of batting on hand. I opened this roll to baste the Grannie Squares.

And, for the rest of my week, well, I did other stuff, not quilting.

My list for next week, from last week's unfinished business, is:
  • Bindings for the Giant Plus, the St. Louis 16 Patch and Granny Squares quilts.
  • Finish the little bit of quilting on the Emerald Irish Chain quilts - I really want to do this before I take the fmq foot off the machine, hopefully tonight after work.
  • Sort, trim, count and take stock of the pickle dishes, finish the blocks I have units for, and develop a plan for finishing it. 
  • Get those place mats finished.
  • Finish knitting Krista's hat, take stock and see if she needs a better one.
  • Recover my ironing board before the top falls apart - this is reaching a critical priority.
  • Start the Tula Pink City Sampler blocks. I am only about half way behind, I think there is time to catch up.
You can see that it is mostly the same list over, I really did not make much progress at all this past week.

And a couple of other projects:
  • I really really want to make an improv project, I may have to do that this week.
  • Get the third quarter ending and the final quarter beginning of the Finish-A-Long organized.
Again, far too much to do but one can plan.

           WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I will link to Lee at Freshly Pieced and the Needle and Thread Network, see you there.

And today is September 11 - 9/11 - a day that will be forever etched in my memory. A day of terror, a day were so many were lost, and a day where so many ordinary heros did their very best. I remember, I expect you do too.




  1. cool granny! I, too, have a roll of batting on hand. Hurts initially but so useful! ;)

  2. So lovely to see granny again! I'm off for a nap after reading all those wips... I'm knackered!!!

  3. Wait, what? The FAL third quarter is ending?'ve done more in the past week than I've done in three months!

  4. Your quilt is so pretty! We keep a large roll of batting on hand just in case we finish a quilt!!

  5. Oh Leanna, you are a dear. Would you like to square up and trim some of my quilts too? I can't imagine having the courage (ie. patience) to trim three quilts in a day haha. The great news is you are going to have so many finished quilts soon!

  6. oooh, I love your granny quilt, and your speaker is so wonderful. Good luck with all the projects you have planned.

  7. The granny squares look wonderful all quilted up. I have a huge roll of batting too, since I hate having to go out to get some when I want to baste something. I also love how you categorize your list based on the fact that you don't want to switch the feet on your machine; I totally do the same thing. :)


  8. Granny squares quilt is so cute. Good call on the white fabric, it makes the colors look so fresh

  9. Granny squares look fab! You are on a roll getting projects done. I shall use you for inspiration.

  10. Now I want a cute pink cube that plays cool tunes. Lovely granny square quilt!

  11. You are getting so much done! I am so far behind with everything-I don't have a single Fal finish this quarter!

  12. I too want a pink cube to play some 'sewing' music! I imagine have three quilts almost at the finish line will inspire you even more! Looking forward to seeing those pickle dishes again too!

  13. Happy binding!
    Wish I had the space (and £) to buy a big roll like that!

  14. Love the granny squares. Such a happy quilt.

  15. oh my that's lots of binding to do but next week? FINISHES!

  16. Trimming three quilts in a week!?!? I'd call that tons of progress.

  17. Nice progress. Wish I could say the same. Just wondering what you like about Quilter's Dream batting? I've been using a lot of Warm and White since I've been using so much white fabric in my quilts lately. Do you know how do they compare?

  18. Looking great! Love the look of that wee speaker, I need something like that for my loft basting area...

  19. A week with a quilted top is definitely a week with progress! And it is a very nice quilt!

  20. Your granny square quilt is looking great, Leanne!


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