Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's late but it's still WIP Wednesday

Three quilts done, one top

Look, I finished the bindings on my three quilts from last week - my Giant Plus, St. Louis 16 Patch and Granny Squares quilts. I will post a nice "Ta Da" post about each of them over the next while, two still need to be washed and photos are required.

Giant Plus top

Early this week I found that I could no longer resist working with the lovely stack of Nordika that my kind sponsors at the Fat Quarter Shop sent me in late August. So this coming week I plan to baste, quilt, and bind this quilt and finish the Giant Plus pattern/tutorial for you.


On Saturday, inspiration struck and I designed, and made Cycles. You can read more about her here.

You need a charger to take more pictures

Then disaster - my camera battery charger disappeared. It turns out these are hard to find (new batteries are everywhere but chargers, not so much) and very dear to replace. I shall be keeping close tabs on it in the future, as it is no fun to be a blogger if you don't have pictures.

So here is how I am doing:

Also done from last week's list:

  • I have organized the Q3 FAL tutorials and most of the sponsors for Q4, just waiting on a few emails. By the way, if you would like to provide a Q4 tutorial let me know, I have Q4 tutorial spaces.
  • I finished Krista's hat and I am now going to take it apart and try again, likely with a different pattern. She needs an excellent hat, and the one I made is technically good but only so, so, maybe even less than so, so. The good news is that I love to knit hats and they are fast.
  • I am counting Cycles as the improv project I was itching to make, even if she is not really improv.
Carrying forward from last week:
  • Pickle dishes - I have them and all the bits and fabrics in a chair, I need to get back to making them.
  • Placemats - still needed, high priority
  • Ironing board cover - it is almost disintegrated, soon this will be an emergency requirement.
  • Emerald chain quilt - no excuse now, and it is so close to being done.
  • City Sampler - it seems that picking the fabrics might be what has been holding me back on this project. Now I am thinking I will use black, grey, text, brown, low volume fabrics and maybe the odd print or solid for pops of colour.
New on the list
  • Finish the Nordika Giant Plus 
  • Giant Plus free pattern/tutorial
  • Variation on Cycles (it is in my head, I doubt I can wait that long to make it)
  • Urban Maps quilt for my 4 in Art group - due at the end of the month.
  • Always Bee Learning blocks, but the fabric has yet to arrive
  • Mail to Di and to Shanna and Becky - I seem to be side swapping jelly and Starbucks mugs too now.
No promises on getting it all done, but optimism is working for me so far. So are lists. 

           WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I am linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced and the Needle and Thread Network, as usual.




  1. Ohhh I love the plus quilt! I want to make one!!!

  2. Looks like you've been very busy and efficient Leanne - lovely work as usual!

  3. Wow! Good for you. Beautiful plus quilt

  4. You are so organised! Look forward to seeing your quilty reveals - what a bugger about the charger!

  5. I'm dying to see the Granny Squares! And I think by now you have a new ironing board cover courtesy of an IG pic! The colour palette for your city sampler sounds a little familiar to me......

  6. Oh I can't wait to see your ta-dahs, especially your grannies...and I love a good plus quilt and yours is of course gorgeous.

  7. Love the Plus quilt top! You have been super busy....can't wait to see the others. I have a real soft spot for your cycles quilt.

  8. Loving the plus top, and I see on IG you've leapt on that ironing board cover already!

  9. I'm a fan, the designs and colours used in your quilts are fantastic, thanks for sharing :)

  10. Great finishes! I love the soft colors you used in Cycles. I am jealous of all your sewing time! I see the Nordika fabrics on several blogs and I am always amazed at how well they all come together. In a stack I don't see it, but in you quilt top I do. Hope you get your tutorial up - and any tips on the ironing board cover?

  11. Glad t s y ae busy and still taking photographs. I think my next camera will have a charger! :(

  12. Love your giant plus quilt! And the soft colours of the placemat! Good luck with ticking of stuff from your lists!

  13. you are one busy girl! i am loving the giant plus. very fun fabrics on that one!

  14. This looks like a fun quilt pattern. I have wanted to try my hand at this pattern.

  15. wow. Love the Nordika pluses! And can't wait to see all the TA DA posts. What a great list - enjoy!

  16. Such a lovely stack in your first pic... good going!!

  17. all your quilts look fantastic. Looking forward to your tutorial, that plus quilt looks wonderful.

  18. You totally scared me with the 'map mini due at end of the month' I had to check, not due 'till Nov. Whew.

  19. You are SO busy, Leanne! Love that plus quilt, and Cycles is so sophisticated!

  20. Ou could have loads of folks interested n that plus quilt tutorial - including me! You really are responding very energetically to having your lists - you are quilting and binding like a one woman wonder! I sympathise re camera. My phone doesn't take great pics and you really need nice clear ones for blogging - all I'm doing is giving my readers a headache. Hpe you find a way of getting hold of a charger for less than expected.

  21. Specific charger for your camera may be hard to find, but check radio shack or even a local cell phone store for a Universal Charger that may have a slot or pins for your type of battery for less than $50.

  22. Congrats on the finishes, and your projects are very nice. I am with you on trying to keep tabs on all those small electronic items ....

  23. I have a box for cables and chargers etc near the computer...they are tangled, but they're all there. Good luck on all your goals!

  24. Love the plus quilt and cycles is stunning


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