Monday, May 20, 2013

In a pickle

2 Pickle Dish blocks

It is a long weekend at my house. So I worked on the pickle dishes. I made two blocks, you can see them there. I need to add the eyes to most of them, I have experimented and I am going to English Paper Piece the eyes in, there is no way I can nicely piece them by machine or by hand. Some movies will be in order.

But the blocks are fantastic! They are about 20" square so I will need to make the quilt 25 blocks to be somewhat close to king size.

Pickle dish blocks in progress

That was where I started yesterday. I made the L shapes wider so that I could piece them onto the dish units and trim. Much faster than trying to get every one pieced perfectly. I have ordered more background as I did not have enough.

Basket weave star block

I also made this 12.5" square bee block for Mary in the Always Bee Learning Bee. The tutorial/pattern is by Nydia at the ADD Crafter here. I have wanted to make this paper pieced Basket Weave Star for a long time so it was fun to get a chance in my bee.

And here is today's pickle. See that robin, she nested on the wreath that is adjacent to my front door  (you can see the side window of the door). We noticed as she dive bombed us when we went out today, obviously we are not observant as we go in and out or we might have noticed this nest before it was done.

It is too late to disturb the nest as there are 4 little blue eggs in it (no we did not touch the eggs or the nest, just took a blurry picture). So now I have to keep everyone away from the front door, including the mail carrier. It is a hassel and will require the services of a locksmith tomorrow to fix the other door's lock so that it works properly from the outside. But it is hard to be a bird in the city and birds are cool - they are related to dinosaurs. I figure we will do our part to give her and the babies a fighting chance. And I know that I should have taken the wreath down already but remember we had snow three weeks ago, oops.

I guess I will give you bird updates, I expect there is a good chance of a tragic ending for the babies, but cross your fingers.