Monday, May 27, 2013

Bee blocks and the robin is doing fine

Diamond Ripples Block for Rhonda

I have not been sewing much in the last week. But I have been catching up on my bee blocks. That one is Diamond Ripples from the 99 Modern Blocks book for Rhonda, Quilter in the Gap, in the Modern Stitching Bee. It is really a lovely block when it is all done and you are over the fact that 36 hsts are needed for a 12.5" square. I have a second different block to make for Rhonda too, maybe this week.

16 Patch for Bee Blessed

That is a 16 patch for Bee Blessed, a charity bee run by Judith, Just Jude and Sarah, Sew Me. There is also a group on flickr called the St Louis 16 Patch Along where they are making these blocks too, which I have been eying. I have to say that they are very fast and easy to make.

16 patch for Bee Blessed

If you are the observant type you will see that I just cut an extra 3.5" strip off some of the fabrics I had out to make Rhonda's block. I am certain there is a quilt or two in my future with these blocks, you could just make one every now and again from fabrics that were out for other things. They take about 10 minutes to sew up.

Polaroid Block for Debbie

Debbie, A Quilter's Table, who hosted the wildly successful polaroid swap last summer, asked for polaroid blocks in Always Bee Learning. I decided to split up her polaroids and make her two of these 18.5" blocks.

Polaroid Block for Debbie

I had all my black fabrics out to find one with the right coloured lines - she was after white, not cream. I realized I have a lot of black and white/cream fabric, so I am thinking about a quilt pattern with a lot of black in it.

Today a mail run is on the list, I carried around blocks to mail all week last week and had no time to stop. Now I have more to get in the mail so no more excuses.

4 Pickle Dish Blocks

There is a shot of four of my pickle dish blocks sitting together. This quilt is going to be so dramatic, I am so happy with it. The four blocks are 40" square. However,  I have concluded that it will not be finished by the end of June given my work schedule. Oh well, it will be done before winter sets in, which should be just fine.

The Robin - update, a week later

Finally, the robin update. That photo was yesterday afternoon. She has been sitting on that nest for the week. She takes regular short breaks. She and her nest have survived some big winds and rain, the spot at my front door is nicely sheltered. The mail is now delivered at the sidewalk, the walk to the front door is blocked, and we use the side door through the garage.

I am hoping that soon there will be baby birds, we did put some soft mats on the concrete step in case they fell out of the nest. I will provide more updates as we go.

For those of you on a long weekend, enjoy your day. We had our long weekend last week so I am off to work shortly.