Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mostly playing with colours

New York Beauty

I made that New York Beauty block today for Michonne in my Always Bee Learning bee. Today I am certainly learning. It took me most of the day, although that is not the block's fault - I am feeling very tired and lazy after a month of crazy work and had to take a nap or two. But, you can see my repair at the top and the repair still needed also at the top. And it is 1/4" too small on two sides so tomorrow the bottom parts must come off and two larger pieces added.

I thought it good to share my challenges lest anyone think I am that good at paper piecing - after all this is a "learning" bee. Oh and I have one more to make tomorrow, I decided that I best call it a day on paper piecing today.

Fabrics for Mod Pop

A couple of weeks ago I rambled on and on about picking colours for the Mod Pop Quilt Along. That stack above is where I am at today. I think that this bundle needs more reds and oranges to warm up the bubble gum pinks. The two blues are Essex Linen, royal blue and aqua. I think I am down to picking between them, or maybe I should use them both, alternating the chains??

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

I have been trying to decide on my colours for a while now. Another Poseidon bundle fell in my shopping cart after I cut the first one up for the first Mod Pop. So I first thought I could pair it with a bunch of yellows.

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

Or maybe just with pinks?

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

Then I took out the lightest pinks and added reds and oranges. And just this blue cotton for the focus?

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

When I put these in the flickr pool, a lot of people liked the aqua cotton.

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

Surprisingly I found l loved this one - I am not normally that partial to red and blue. That is the royal blue Essex Linen from the first photo. I really like the idea of using linen with the cottons for this.

Possible colours Mod Pop QAL

I had thought this would be the favourite, the warm colours with snow but the blues are just so much better. So, do you think I should use both blue and aqua linen with the warm colours, imagine more reds and oranges in there too?

I think I will make a sample block or two tomorrow. It is time for me share some tips about piecing this quilt, so playing with the colours a bit more will help me to do that.

Liparis from Oakshot

I did manage to wash the Liparis from Oakshott today. They unravelled just enough to really show off the different coloured threads. Each is woven with black and a bright colour.

Liparis from Oakshott

I am thinking about what to make with these fabrics. These remind me of colours in the night, glimpses of colour reflecting off of puddles and cars and shiny windows, in a beam of a car headlight or  streetlight. Of evenings walking out late in the heart of the city.

Liparis from Oakshott

Look at the colours when you get close. I think these would make stunning evening dresses.

Liparis from Oakshott

I have to share all the photos, they are just so wonderful. I know most of you don't pre-wash, but for these it was sure worth it to see these unravelled edges.

Time for binding

This is likely where I will be tonight. Cuddled under one quilt - the No Primary Colours quilt - while hand sewing the binding on my Echo Stained and catching up on blogs, email and flickr - I am far, far behind. There is one day left in this quarter and I need at least one finish for Rhonda's  Finish A Long. Wish me luck.

I hope you are able to relax a bit this weekend.