Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Wednesday - some progress and more swaps received

Name tag so far - for my secret partner for the FQ retreat

I have been making a name tag for my secret partner for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London which I leave for in about one exact month (yahoo!). I am going to put my partner's blog and flickr name on the lanyard using recycled hardware from one I kept after a conference - and technology has wiped out the name in the middle for now. The fabric is Hometown by Sweetwater, in case you were wondering.

Knitting mittens

Since I was travelling last week, I pulled out my knitting. This is very soft 100% alpaca yarn called Melange by Blue Sky Alpacas. I am making mittens, the pattern is called Ceangaltas by Robin Melanson from her book Knitting New Mittens & Gloves. I tend to knit mittens, hats and sweaters in the summer, and shawls in the winter. I don't know why but I just go with it.

Name tag and goodies for me

This loot arrived this week for me from Catherine at Sew Wonderful Life. You might remember that I made a Christmas table runner for Catherine last fall so it was so nice to be partnered with her. It is my name tag for the FQ Retreat. She carefully hand cut and created that Canadian flag, maple leaf and all. And look, a zippered bag too, for my sewing bits - it is perfect, thank you Catherine!

Name tag for me for FQ Retreat

And a close up too, just because it is so cute.

DQS 12 for me from Betsy

This amazing little quilt arrived for me from my secret partner - Betsy from Lily Petunia (BetsyLynn50 on Flickr) in Doll Quilt Swap 12. It is perfect in every way. Carefully pieced tiny log cabins (the logs are about 1/2"), shot cottons, and hand stitching. And those tiny triangles in the corners finish it off so nicely.

DQS 12 for me from Betsy - detail

Look at the details!

DQS 12 for me from Betsy - the whole package

And the whole package. Well there was a magazine too but it migrated immediately to the side of my bed. This last picture did not capture the purples well, you can see the colours better in the other photos. Thank you Betsy, this package and the quilt especially is wonderful!

I need to get back into the Wednesday WIP habit, and I am linking this with WIP Wednesday that Lee hosts at Freshly Pieced, and with the Needle and Thread Network. Both buttons are over on the right side of my blog. So allow me a small list about the rest of my work in progress (next week I will get pictures taken and organized better, I promise):

  • I have prepared backs and basted both the Mystery Quilt and the Summer's Blush quilt - you can read about them here. I hope to have time to do some quilting later this week or on the weekend, although this may have to wait on my finishing some of the other things on this list.
  • I have to figure out what to make and make 4 sample things to swap for the FQ Retreat Sample swap. Any ideas?
  • I just received fabric for a bee block that is due by the end of the month.
  • I have two potholders to pick a design and fabrics for, make and send out by the end of the month.
  • I have three or four other projects I am just itching to start but they are going to have to wait a week or a month or so, I expect.
So wish me luck and I hope to report on all these immediately due items soon.




  1. Lots of good stuff happening in your house! Love the things you received and can't wait to see who you are making for in the name tag swap.

  2. I DO with you luck! You have alot going on! What fun name tags and I love the mini quilt you got with those shot cottons you love so much! Very nice.

  3. gaaaah! Everything is so pretty here! Gosh I just adore hand stitches : ))))
    Thanks for linkign to TN&TN!
    ~Monika K.
    Sewing in Saskatoon

  4. I love that name tag! Absolutely fantastic!

  5. What lovely gifts. The variegated big stitch is lovely!

  6. Good luck!! ;)
    Love your swaps, the quilt is lovely and Catherine made such a cute tag (I just love that leaf!!)
    Your tag looks great too, love Hometown!

  7. Cute nametag! Your swaps are so nice!

  8. That's a lot of happy mail that's come your way, and your tag going out looks lovely too!

  9. Score x2!! I love your nametag for the retreat and adore the doll quilt you received. Fabulous swaps!

  10. Ohhhhhhhhh it is very cute..have to agree. And the little bags are to die for!!

  11. Looks like you've been getting lots of lovely post!

  12. Lots of loveliness here - Catherine is so great and the tag you are sending is gorgeous. Love that mini and all the goodies!

  13. so glad that you like it all: it was great to make for you. love the name tag you have made too

  14. Love the log cabin mini! More reason to get hold of some shot cottons!!

  15. Loving all your swap goodies, both inbound and out. Good luck with your list!

  16. How lucky you are to receive such awesome gifts. Love the handstitched log cabin. So cute!

  17. Great name tag! Have a nice week with time for all you want to sew.

  18. Great name tag! Have a nice week with time for all you want to sew.

  19. Great tags! And love the mini! Are the mitts coming to London?

  20. Lovely name tag - getting excited about London too now!

  21. Lovely gifts, and great tags! Feeling jealous now!

  22. You make me feel like a slacker! :) But that's OK. Love to see all that you're up to.

  23. Great projects, Leanne! Love the package you received for your trip to London. That London fabric is awesome!
    What a fun bunch of projects!

  24. I was admiring this badge only yesterday and today it appeared in my mail box. Thank you so much. See you very soon. Love the cards.


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