Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flowers in yesterday's rain


Some flowers for your day. A daffodil.


Some cheeky orange daffodils.

Grape Hyacynths

There are grape hyacinths everywhere hiding in the weeds.

Magnolia in the rain

The Magnolia received bad snow damage but it is blooming for me nonetheless.

I took these all late yesterday when I arrived on the west coast. It was raining and cold - I made a roaring fire in the wood stove and fell asleep reading a book.


The Camellia bush is right at my back door. The deer eat most of the flowers but a few that are sheltered are beautiful.

Spring flowers

If it would stop raining, I could rest here after some gardening, pruning and grass cutting. It looks like some blue sky might overcome the clouds and the rain has stopped for now. If the rain wins out, I have a sewing project or two ready to do, so I am good either way.