Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday - definitely some progress.

Mystery QAL Blocks so far

My progress on the Mystery QAL is slow but steady.  You can see those jaggy strips have been added to that large orange star at the top.

Also, are the blocks laid out as I think they will be pieced in the final quilt. That friendship star up at the top left is at the outside of the borders, which are not yet done. And there are braided strips to go between the stars at the bottom of the picture and some background rectangles.

Mystery QAL - Braid strip

So, later on in this evening I made the first braid. They are fun to make (the braid tutorial is here) and the effect is pretty slick for a really easy process. That is, if you cut it correctly.

Mystery QAL - braid strip

Well, I know the rule, measure twice, cut once, but I was tired and thought I had it right. So I cut the left side first and there was nothing to do then but cut the right. I am going to use this off kilter braid anyway because I like its asymmetry and it will remind me to slow down and think a bit more as I go.

And so there is just one more braid to do and then the I can piece the stars and finish the border to complete this quilt top. If all goes well this one will be ready for quilting soon.

Cathedral Window Pincushion - partner would you like this one?

This is the pincushion I made for my secret partner for the Bee a {Modern} Swapper group. This month we are swapping pincushions. I decided it was time to try a cathedral window out and a pincushion was a great opportunity as it is just one block. I used this tutorial from My GoGo Life, which is excellent.

Quatrefoil Block for Alisha - Modern Blocks Bee

This lovely block is called Quatrefoil from the Modern Blocks book. It was the January block for Alisha in my Modern Blocks Bee. This block has grown on me, I think that a whole quilt of them is going to be wonderful.

Little Arrowhead Shawl
And I promised to show off more knitting. This little shawl is called Little Arrowhead Shawl which is a pattern by Pam Allen. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Lite.

Little Arrowhead Shawl

This picture shows both the lace and the true colours. This is a small scarf size piece to wear around your neck more than your shoulders, and I wore it all day today.

Travelling Woman Shawl

This one is a pattern called Travelling Woman by Liz Abinante. I love this pattern and have made a few of these, which again are quite small and fit nicely around your neck or over your head if it starts snowing. Again the yarn is Noro Silk Garden Lite, which is one of my favourites because it comes in so many stunning colours.

Travelling Woman Shawl

Once I started quilting, my knitting output decreased, but I often carry a project in my purse to work on when waiting somewhere or stopping for a coffee with a friend. I had a few of these shawls in a pile to have ends mended in and to be washed and blocked. Rhonda, at Quilter in the Gap, recently mentioned that she had a 15 minute drawer and I gave her a hard time for not finishing all those little bits off. Well, that made me think that I best deal with my own pile of almost finished knitting. I will show you some more of the knitting finishes next week.

I am linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and with the Canadians at the Needle and Thread Network. As always, I hope you will go and have a look at the wonderful work you will find linked at both of these.

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