Thursday, January 12, 2012

The internet ate my homework...

Mosaic - For the Love of Solids Swap Round 2

I have been making mosaics. You see, I signed up for a few swaps. And secret partners need inspiration and that means making mosaics. The one above is for the Love of Solids {a Modern Swap} round 2.

Mosaic for Fab Little Quilt Swap

This mosaic is for a new swap called the Fab Little Quilt Swap. I find making mosaics difficult and time consuming (not the technical part, the selecting items part) and I feel like I am conveying a different style with each one. I really do like most everything.

Mosaic February Pincushion Swap

Those pincushions are for another new group, Bee, a {modern} Swapper. I love pincushions and I have made and given away a lot over the last year. One day I will round up some pictures to share but they are not handy this morning. I spent all my free time in the last few evenings making mosaics.

Mosaic Mouthy Stitches Zipper Pouch Swap

And this mosaic is for another new swap, Mouthy Stitches. This group is run by my UK friends and there is no way I could not join, given the name.

[And Hadley, (Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle), really, how can you so adamantly hate brown? I cannot resist showing this off, my solids quilt from last summer - it is primarily brown. Oh and there is a bit of gold there too.

For the Love of Solids [a modern swap] - wall quilt - complete.

Oh and I joined a rainbow layer cake swap too. Seems that I have a case of January startitis. It is so bad that I set up a Google calendar just for quilting deadlines! Luckily most of them fall on the same few days, which means they are easy to remember but I will certainly be scrambling near to those dates.

Worse,  remember I am still going for broke on the Finish-A-Long and I am looking forward to Sarah, from Narcoleptic in the Cupboard's Stained QAL  which starts soon (beautiful button is over on my sidebar). And there are a few Bees that I forgot to mention.

So, little quilting has happened, I had no progress for Work in Progress Wednesday and I am still thinking about all the great suggestions and help you gave me for the kaleidoscope binding and quilting. Thank you and there will be more on that when I have time to quilt again. The internet ate my homework.