Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter break

A little trimming.

In between the several days of Christmas guests, I managed to sew a few blocks. These HSTs are made by sewing a big double X across two pieces of a layer cake turned right sides together and then cutting a + and then cutting an X. I will photograph it for you next time I make some more units. You get 8 HST units out of that process. Then I trimmed them to size - they are 4" squares.

A few more blocks - Summer's Blush quilt

Here are the 9 blocks I have finished so far. The pattern is called Summer's Blush by Roslyn at Bloom. I am using a Reunion layer cake (by Sweetwater). As I have said, this version is not very blushy but these colours bring out the bold geometric design. I am keen to get to the sashing, which makes the light grey corners into nine patches.

Making cranberry jelly

This is one of my favourite Christmas photos, I think. Making the cranberry jelly - the colours always just capture the holiday for me.

The FUNC is hanging out with the pretty wall quilts.

And an update for Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap, you can see the FUNC. He is hanging out with the pretty wall quilts in my sewing room. I will try to take him out to see the sights this weekend, as he is off on the road again on Tuesday for sure. These pretty quilts were made for me, the one on the right (the churn dashes - this is the back, I turn it over from time to time)  is from Karen who blogs at KarensCosmos for DQS 11 and the one on the left is from Shevvy who blogs at Shevvy, quilting in London for my pay it forward gift.

I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays, with family, friends and community. I have had the best time - the guests were wonderful, the gifts just right, the food yummy, and now I am enjoying the quiet lazy days at the very end of this year.