Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's progress - new projects, old projects.

More hand quilting

This is my first attempt at hand quilting. After doing the first two stars on Sunday night, I asked my internet friends, via Flickr, for encouragement. And encouragement came - loads of it, so I carried on. Now I have 5 stars outlined, this is four of them.  I am learning to embrace the large and uneven stitches as folksy organic (I am editing this and am going with Marg's expertise on this - see her comment) and adding texture and colour. Fine needlework, this is not, I need a lot of practice.

Christmas Stars - finishing last year's project

Here is the entire Christmas Wonky Star quilt. I made this top last year about this time, sandwiched it and put it away. I hope to get it finished in time for some holiday TV and movie watching. So, it is an old project, but feels new again.

And then there were 9

You might remember the blocks I did for the 5 x 4 Bee this fall. Well, I am not done with the funky butterfly version of the drunkards path block. My blocks were inspired by Megan, at Canoe Ridge Creations' tutorial.

I think I will make 12 or 16 blocks and then sash them with larger white strips so the butterflies float. This fabric is Terrain by Kate Spain. This photograph does not do the colours justice. I promise to take the next project photograph in the daylight, but it is dark here a lot of the time now.

A new project - I bought a pattern

And these are just for fun. I purchased a pattern called Summer's Blush from Bloom (you should click through to see her version, the name is perfect for her fabrics) because I loved the bold geometric block. The sashing will add another light square so that there will be a nine patch at each corner. The fabric I am using is a layercake of Reunion by Sweetwater that just appeared at my LQS a month ago (the fabric is not out yet).

So there is a story to these blocks. First, they are a joy to put together, almost no tricky seams and the pattern is easy to follow.

But, I prewash every fabric I can and so I threw the layercake in the washer and dryer. Well, it shrunk, as all fabric does. After the wash the pieces were 9.25" x 9.5" instead of 10" x 10". This pattern  cleverly uses the 10" x 10" layercake very effectively so I did not have big enough layercake fabric pieces anymore. I have adapted the size of each pattern piece, so my blocks are not quite the same as the pattern, but they are still good, I think.

I still have to decide if I am sewing anything for people for Christmas and if so, get moving on that. Also, it is time to start knitting some hats to give away.

And I am happy to report that the ROYGBIV quilt has reached Claire and she was immediately all wrapped up in it - clearly a success!

Lee at Freshly Pieced has taken a well earned break from WIP Wednesday for the month, so no link there but I am linking to my Canadian friends. I hope you have time to give them a visit, they are a talented group.