Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight I was sewing a bit, trying to work out a problem. I basted a lap quilt yesterday to finish for a friend recovering from surgery. Well, the batting I had bought turned out not to be quite what I expected - I was in a hurry and did not check carefully. So when I started to quilt yesterday, I began to worry that it would not fluff up and pucker as I wanted after washing. I set it aside.

Well, finally it dawned on me to make a sample, a test quilt piece. And then I remembered about Mug Rug Madness. So I made my first ever mug rug! I used the scraps left over from making my very first quilting bee blocks. I think there may be many more mug rugs in my future, especially with all the help that this mug rug event will provide.

I'll wash it tomorrow and then I'll know about the batting.

Wonky mug rug

I hope you have time to enjoy a cup of tea soon.




  1. good idea.I like your mug rug.

  2. Ooh!! I think it looks great. I love the scratchy quilting you did!

  3. Pretty mug rug...the green, black and white look great together!

  4. Pretty mug rug! Love those colours together!

  5. I love the quilting you did on this mug rug and great idea!!

  6. Good idea, I should really do that as I need some practice FM Quilting! And thanks, there's always time for a cup of tea... or two.

  7. beautiful! love the idea of making them "testers" for the bigger quilts. great thinking!

  8. Pretty mug rug..I love that lime green!


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