Monday, March 14, 2011

and miles to go before I sleep...

Well, it feels like miles anyway. I am still relatively new to stippling and I love the way it makes the quilt all bumpy and soft.

These fabrics came from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I asked for help picking solids and Kathy Mack was wonderfully helpful by picking not only greys but the brilliant red and yellow. The pattern is called Lemon Squares Quilt. I used the colours more randomly in the blocks than the pattern and I arranged the blocks with only the rule of solid outside square next to patterned one. As a relatively new quilter, I am so grateful for the generosity of bloggers like Faith who make such excellent patterns available for free.

It has been wonderful to have so many people visit, comment and follow my brand new blog. I especially want to thank Agnieszka who taught me how to make links. I love that I have a new friend in Poland!

I also learned to post buttons today and later this week I will tell you more about the quilt alongs I have joined. Also, I will, as promised, get back to the Red Quilt and tell you more about why I think everyone should have a copy of Cherry House's City Quilts. But for now, I want to quilt a bit before I go to sleep.


ps  I think I will try a link to WIP Wednesday - there are many interesting projects there already!

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