Thursday, January 4, 2018

A green hat and fingerless gloves

A hat and fingerless gloves

This hat and fingerless gloves set was a Christmas present for my green loving niece.

Gradient yarns

I found this gradient dyed set of yarns by Fleece Artist at my local yarn shop, River City Knits. My niece loves green so I knew if I bought them she would get a knitted gift this year.

Hat in progress

After a couple of false starts, I developed a basic hat pattern with a gradient pattern.

Fingerless gloves in progress

There was lots of yarn left so I decided to add the fingerless gloves. She is a teenager, so while I debated mittens or fingerless gloves for a while, I decided that easy access to device use would mean that gloves would be worn more. Again I developed my own pattern and a set of stripes.

Fingerless gloves

The fanciest part is the thumb gusset, which makes the gloves a lot more comfortable to wear. It is a feature that looks so much harder than it is so I usually include one.




Crystal_235 said...

Beautiful. I really like the hat.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I'm not a big green fan but I certainly like your shades of green, especially the variegated. I've made fingerless gloves in the past with the half fingers and I still wear that type now - very handy when shopping and when trying to get money etc out of a purse. I've always used stocking stitch but I like the look of yours - is it moss stitch? Wish I still had my old pattern :)

Lorrie said...

These are beautiful. I have a green loving granddaughter who would love this!

allthingzsewn said...

I really like the half gloves. I have never found them any where.

Dar said...

Your hat and fingerless gloves are perfect for the weather where I am. That is next on my list of things to try (after I finish my pair of socks).

Kathleen said...

A lovely set for your niece. I love the green and the shading, it is so pretty.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Beautiful colours. I'm sure your niece was very pleased.