Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Scraptastic Tuesday - We're back, join us this month!

My fantastic partner, Nicky from Mrs. Sew and Sow has been very patient with me. The reasons for the absence of Scraptastic Tuesday in July and August, and worse, the delay in announcing winners for May and June, lies with me. 

So, first, we are back and we sure hope you will share your scrappy projects, completed or in progress with us this week. I am betting that lots of you have something to share as it has been a while since the last link up, although remember we want just one link up per person.

Next, why the absence? Nothing terrible has happened, no horrible illnesses or worse in my family or friends. No natural disasters affected us personally either. Just many things came together to make me step aside from this space and my quilting community. I also stopped quilting and sewing. Family, my day job, circumstances, world events, moving house, and other's needs just took up all of me. I often refer to this situation as "I have no more skin". Just not enough of me to go around.

But, generally when life hits me with a lot of things, I have been able to use quilting and sewing and this lovely community as a peaceful space in the loud noise of the rest of my life. This time, it turned out that I needed to step away and so I did.

Now, having spent time away, and then moving back to my creative pursuits by focusing on knitting first, which is my first passion, I have thought hard and I miss my quilting space. I miss the community of the quilters, the sharing of ideas, the patterns, the colours, the ups and downs of the process, the inspiration and the opportunity to make. I miss this blog, I miss the time on instagram, I miss all of it.

So, here we go, please join Nicky and I as we get back to the sharing of scrappy projects on Scraptastic Tuesday. We are going to continue as we did, with the link the second Tuesday of the month for a week, with prizes from lovely sponsors. We will do some talking about whether some improvements are needed for next year, and if you have preferences feel free to share them.

Here are our fabulous Scraptastic Tuesday Sponsors and their buttons, feel free to click through and thank them for their support:

The prizes for the September link up will be awarded next week after the link closes at 10 pm MDT on Monday September 19. 

But we are also catching up on the May and June prizes. For the winners, you can expect an email from me today asking you to confirm your email and giving me permission to share you email with the sponsor. Then tomorrow or Thursday, you will get an email to you and the sponsor connecting you with the prizes. 

For the May link, go here to see all the lovely inspiring May links and below are the prizes and the winners: 

  • Studio 39 Fabrics - $25 gift certificate - 43,  Nicole,  minibea123
  • Fat Quarter Shop - $25 gift certificate - 36, Laurie, Dresden Lane Designs
  • Sew Me a Song - $20 gift certificate - 33, Nancy, Grace and Peace Quilting
  • Mad About Patchwork - a $40 gift certificate - 21, Mary, Fleur de Lis Quilting and Accessories
  • Sew Sisters Quilt Shop - $25 gift certificate - 3, The Lilac Cat
  • Green Fairy Quilts - $25 gift certificate - 14, Christiane, momi_machts

For the June link, go here to see all the lovely inspiring June links and below are the prizes and the winners:

For the September link, please join Nicky from Mrs. Sew and Sow and I by linking up a blog post or flickr or instagram photo sharing a scrappy project, in progress or finished, or your thoughts on dealing with your scrap mountain:

  • You don't have to have joined us before, everyone is welcome.
  • One link per person, and it will be your entry into the random draw for the prizes. It is the same link up here and at Nicky's blog - Mrs. Sew and Sow - so you only need to link up on one of our blogs.
  • This link is to share with our community about using your scraps, please don't use it to advertise your own products or events.
  • You can link up from your blog, instagram or flickr, but you have to link up to be entered in the prize draw.
  • Please visit at least a few of the links, they are very inspiring, and leave comments too as everyone loves to connect. 
  • Use the Scraptastic Tuesday button and invite your friends to join us too. Please share our button, or a link or the hashtag #scraptastictuesday in your linked post or photo. 
  • The link is open until Monday night at 10:00 pm MDT. We will announce the winners next Tuesday. 
  • If you have trouble linking up, let me or Nicky know and we will get you sorted.
PS, there will be quilting here regularly again. I have lots of stuff to catch you up and I am working on new things again too.




Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I'm so pleased you're back!

momi_machts said...

I am also very pleased you are back. Thanks for organising!

tisha @ quiltytherapy said...

Totally get not having enough to go around.

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

It is wonderful that you are back and I sure can understand that there was no more skin left to stretch!

Charlotta said...

Glad you're back! Everybody needs a break once in a while, it's good you took one when you needed it!

pennydog said...

You moved house again? Are you still in Lethbridge?

Nicole said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear you were needed outside of the quilting space on the internet but I do like your phrasing of "I have no more skin". I've often heard it as being "out of spoons."

I had a similar feeling this summer so I started an mindless, scrap piecing project. It saved my sanity and I'll be linking it up because it's all scrappy! Be well, and welcome back.

Jannette said...

SO glad to have you back! I was a wee bit worried that something "bad" had happened - glad to hear that it wasn't so! I totally get that you needed some time away...

Nicole said...

Missed the link up dammit. The top is here:

and the back (also scrappy!) is here: