Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Q2 FAL List of projects to be finished

Well, I wish I had finished more from my Q1 list, so I am rolling a lot of it over. Here is the Q2 list:

Improv top

1. Bee Sewcial year 1 quilt: Back, quilting, binding.

Improv stripes

2. Improv stripes: finish top, back, quilting, binding.

playing with improv circles

3. Improv circles - More blocks, back, quilting, binding.

4. Bee Sewcial year 2 blocks - There are more blocks than in this photo. This is a long shot as it takes me a while to get the composition of these bee quilts the way I want them but I would love to have it done.

5. Tula Pink Tabby Road Quilt - Back, quilting, binding.

6. Rainbow strips: Originally this was going to be the back for the first quilt on this list, but it is too nice, so now it needs a back, quilting, binding.

There are a lot more projects in my sewing room, but I will stop the list here, which I am rushing to add as there is only about an hour left.




  1. What a terrific list. Sounds like alot of quilting for you, but what awesome finishes these will be. I'm curious how you'd quilt the back-to-become-a-quilt...

  2. All of these are intriguing projects, and I will enjoy watching your journey towards completion!

  3. That's some projects :) Sending you lots of motivation and wishes for a lot of sewing time. Have fun and enjoy!

  4. Great list! I'm so inspired by what you guys do with the bee blocks and quilts. Good luck with all of it.

  5. So many pretty quilts in the works here! I'm sure you can finish a few of them.

  6. Super projects for your quarter 2 list Leanne. I love those two improv bee quilts. Can't wait to see how you finish them.

  7. Love how each is so bright and beaitifyl. They will be amazing finishes.

  8. What a great list Leanne. I'm so glad I am not the only one to piece a back and then decide that it's a quilt in its own right!

  9. Of course 1 and 6 could become a reversible double sided quilt!? Just saying.. Love your projects Leanne and good luck in getting them finished

  10. I have finished 3 tops, now on to the quilting them. But I do not understand how to link up the Instagram.


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