Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday - the September link is open

It's the second Tuesday of September, and the Scraptastic Tuesday monthly link is open.

First, I am going to share a bit of the behind the scenes from making Rainbow Breeze, the quilt using the Fat Quarter Shop Summer Breeze Pattern that I shared last week. If you watch the short video, you will see that the instructions for the quilt create a lot of scraps.

Cutting fabrics

This pattern's clever approach to the traditional kaleidoscope pattern also is designed to use fat quarters. Following the cutting instructions will mean you use up the entire fat quarter of each piece with the exception of a left over strip of about 2".  When you cut the triangles from the pieced strips, the pattern does not encourage you to cut two extra triangles in the spaces. But there is more than sufficient fabric to do that, so that is what I did. I figured that out by measuring the first cut and when that seemed fine, I made the first cuts and it worked out, so I carried on.

You can see those left over triangles in the background. I have been playing with them and soon will figure out a way to use them. Since I really do not enjoy cutting all the fabric for a quilt before I get started, knowing that I would have all these left over useful triangles for another quilt make it so much easier.

Using the scraps

The pattern uses a single block which you trim with the 8.5" ruler. This makes the blocks less fussy than the method I used for my last kaleidoscope quilt but it also means that you have a lot of little scrappy bits. After consulting all of you, I decided to keep those little bits so I have been playing with them. They come together, for me, as sort of stretched out rosettes.

Scrappy rosettes?

I lowered my ironing board and pieced, trimmed, and ironed as I went. Now I just need to decide how to use these. With some background or mushed together or maybe strung along into a long row or a border? Then, for a quilt or maybe just a pillow? I have to say that these little scraps are fun to play with for a while and then I get tired of them. So I am keeping them handy for a sort of leader or ender type project, or when I just have a few minutes to sew.

By the way, if you have not been following Nicky's 2016 Scraptastic Sampler, you should. I am hoping to make one too, I love all the stars.

So, now is the part where you share your scrappy projects, plans and ideas. First, our fantastic sponsors:

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        Paige said...

        You quilt is beautiful! I was thinking you could cut extra triangles, can't wait to see what you make from them. Thanks for the link party!

        Karen in Breezy Point said...

        What a fun project--I'm looking forward to seeing these colorful blocks come together!

        Colleen said...

        I see the rosettes too - cool use of scraps. Thanks for hosting !

        Lisa England said...

        I love what you've done with the scrappy bits!

        Lilpuddin said...

        I love where you're going with the rosettes!

        Teje Karjalainen said...

        Hi Leanne! I love your scrapwork! First I love your kaleidoscope quilt and I'm happy you continued with the left over scraps because they look fantastic! I see them modern/art/improv. flowers and I can imagine them on a background not too dark / not too light ... but I know you will amaze us because it's sure you find fantastic way to continue this project! Thank you for the party! x Teje

        AmyScrapSpot said...

        I shared my link on Mrs Sew & Sow.
        but I had to tell you that I LOVE your blocks AND the triangles!
        The kaleidoscope look is Awesome!!!

        Marla said...

        These are so fun! I can't wait to see how you use them!

        memmens said...

        I love the look of these scrappy panels, stitching little scraps together can be tedious, it's a great idea to have them as a leader/ender project.

        Archie The Wonder Dog said...

        I think I need a scrappy 'pick up, put down' project...