Monday, July 11, 2016

My own Q3 FAL goals

My creation

For Q3 of the 2016 FAL, I have decided to pick only 6 projects to finish. If you have noticed my other two quarters, I listed about 30 projects and finished one in each quarter - which is still a finish, but not really a stellar performance. So time for a new strategy.

What you see here are:

  • My Bee Sewcial quilt - I would like to enter this one in QuiltCon perhaps so to do that I need to finish it this quarter. All I need is a back and to quilt and bind it. I already have decided on a faced binding.
  • The Lion - pattern by Violet Craft - This quilt needs to head off to University with my youngest at the end of August. I am going to add some border grey to make it a bit bigger, then back, quilt and bind. 
  • My Summit Shawl  - pattern by Mandie Harrington on Knitty - this is my current airplane / netflix / sitting on the patio piece and it is about half way done, so a good bet for a finish.
  • The rainbow are Bella Solids for a secret Fat Quarter Shop project which is due towards the end of August, so an excellent chance of that finish happening.
  • The improv stripes are just for fun. I have the top together but I am going to cut it to add one more strip and then it needs a back, then quilted and bound. I actually want to start more improv strip projects so I am hoping I can get this one finished first.
  • Bee Sewcial Swap - I actually have more blocks that are in that photo. This is a swap of small 6" or smaller blocks with my Bee Sewcial bee mates. My current thought is that I want them to be a larger quilt, but we shall see what they tell me when they are all here. 
And it would be amazing to see 6 finishes at the end of Q3. I will also do other things, start new things, but maybe, just maybe, possibly, perhaps with a small miracle, I can get all of these finished too.

Have you posted your Q3 list yet? If not I hope you will join the global group of FAL hosts - you can go here to post your list, there are 5 days left to do so - as there are excellent prizes from our generous sponsors which are randomly drawn for the finishes posted at the end of the quarter.




Robby said...

Deadlines are my biggest helpers when it comes to finishing a project. Terrible to admit that, but there you go. Good luck on your goals.

Debbie said...

Looks like a doable list! And good variety. Here's to a finish-full quarter!

Puppilalla said...

I agree with Robby, deadlines seem to help. Good luck tackling your projects. They look wonderful like always.

Turid said...

So many beautiful projects. I especially like the first one. I almost totally missed in the last quarter, just one finish out of four. But this quarter I hope to finished the three others, so I linked them up again. Good luck to you!

Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

I hope you can complete all 6 project. That would put a smile on your face. I know it would for me if I finish my projects for Q3.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Having manageable goals does help keep me from getting discouraged. I wish you the best with your goals.

Vera said...

Lovely projects Leanne. Good luck!

pandchintz said...

Fingers crossed for your finishes!

FlourishingPalms said...

Like you, I'd like to delve more into making improv quilts. Your improv strip quilt is marvelous! I just have a hard time picturing myself sitting down and thinking up how to sew something that looks so good! I've been a traditional pattern-piecing quilter for so many years that it's difficult to change. But I want to! Hope you accomplish all your finishes. I have many UFOs and don't even attempt to list them. It would just make me feel overwhelmed and depressed.