Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday - the May link is open!

It's the second Tuesday of May already, and the Scraptastic Tuesday monthly link is open.

First I need to report on the progress of my scrap sorting exercise. As you will remember, I have become frustrated about the fact that after over a year of trying to focus on using scraps, I still had overflowing boxes of scraps. So last month I vowed to empty them and cut them up.

I am pleased to say I have been through 4 boxes of coloured scraps and most of my box of low volume scraps.

I have been taking out any further pieces that can be seen as a strip (I did this once before and that led to me making Villa which is the scrappy quilt I shared last month). Then I piled any already cut squares - it seems some time ago I threw a bunch of left over charm squares and swap squares into the scrap boxes. Then I pressed the bits left over and cut out squares in 5", 6", or 2.5". I picked these square sizes by the size of a charm square, a charm square cut into 4 and the size of a number of squares I found in the boxes. There are also some bits of 3" and 3.5" squares left over from projects.

Before I started this project I put a new blade in my rotary cutter and after I had cut the 4.5 boxes, I changed that blade again. I really do not like cutting fabric, so I put on Netflix too and made the best of it. But in the interests of full disclosure, this project is not fun for me, so I focus on the end goal and go as quickly as I can while still cutting safely.

I admit to tossing out the remaining bits. I am sorry to say that I just need some finality here and I know after all this time that I am not going to use them up. Also, I am going to try really hard to cut new scraps I save in this manner and not create more boxes and bags of bits and pieces.

I have it in mind to use the squares for a pixelated rainbow sort of quilt and some value quilts likely with HSTs.  I want to create that pinboard I imagined last month with other scrappy projects using squares. My other plan for this month is also to  cut up the 3 other scrap boxes I have and pull out the 4 or so bags of other scraps that need to be sorted and such. I'll report back next month on my progress.

Now its time for you to share your scrappy projects, plans and ideas.

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      1. I love your cut piles and can't wait to see your progress. I'm working on cleaning up my scraps ( I don't have even half of what you have!)

      2. I do love sewing with scraps but gosh it can become out of control ever so fast. Spent yesterday slicing and dicing all ready to tackle another pattern which will see my pile virtually used :)

      3. Congratulations! You did an amazing job there - I can't imagine anyone really enjoying it and I totally understand how you chucked the last bits! I'm quite envious of those tidy organised scraps.

      4. I've done a similar thing with my scraps recently! It's very satisfying.....

      5. Congrats on working on your scraps. I need to get moving on that project, but it seems so overwhelming.

      6. wow, you've made great progress!!

      7. You're making great progress! So now you seem to be sorting only by shape/size, not color though. True?

      8. Wow, you have really tamed the scraps! Great job! Thanks for hosting the link party!

      9. Great work on taming your scraps. You are ahead of me I spent an afternoon sorting my scraps into groups ready for cutting. I have the reproduction, batiks, novelty and bright and colourful boxes at this stage. Next is cutting and I agree with you, not a big fan of cutting. Thanks for having us here.

      10. Your cut piles look great! Congratulations on getting so many boxes done! I have boxes I want to work on too, but it is hard to motivate myself to cut them, so I have decided I am going to pick a scrap project and cut them specifically for that project. That way, I get to start a new quilt and the scraps get put into a quilt so are gone for good.

      11. I am jealous of you getting yours scraps organized. I am like you though, in that the scraps never seem to disappear and it gets to a point where I throw out bits also.

      12. I'm jealous of your progress but I think my scraps are mostly smaller than yours and I have more of them!

      13. It may have been boring but it's amazing how all your cutting has transformed those scraps into a nice collection of usable pieces. I only have one modest sized scrap bin but it takes me forever to rummage through looking for the 'right' piece. I should follow your example :)

      14. You're doing so well with your scrap organising - keep going, you can do it!

      15. Such a great idea - I really need to do this with my scraps!

      16. So happy I'm finally on the ball to link up! Loved your admission that you threw the leftover bits out for some finality. Woot! I admire your fortitude in sticking with that cutting. Maybe I'll tackle my stuffed to the hilt drawers in the summer.


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