Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some blocks and a #2016FAL reminder

Umbrella block

I am just popping in today to share a couple of projects and to remind you about the FAL Tutorials.

I made those 4 Umbrella Blocks for #dropsofloveforem which is a project started by Katherine (@kakiofhoneyhill on Instagram). They have enough blocks now but are looking for donations for an auction, go here.

Th Umbrella block was fun to make and the pattern is a free one from Craftsy - go here. It's another great scrap buster too.

I also made this block to send to Hillary for her fly Merel fly project - read about it on her blog Entropy Always Wins here. This block is from Kajsa Wikman's book Scandinavian Stitches, which I was happy to pull off my shelf and read again. Raw edge appliqué is not something I do often, and when I do I wonder why that is. It is really fun to sketch away with the black thread.

I have to get both of these projects into the mail Monday morning, I missed the mail on Friday by just letting the day get ahead of me, so tomorrow I will get my much more reliable spouse take care of it.

I wanted to remind you to visit the excellent tutorials in the 2016 FAL Tutorial Series and to link up your Q1 finishes if you have not done so yet

The tutorials are here:

Tomorrow I have a quilt finish to share, and I am slowly catching up with my internet quilting homework. But today I have to spend much of the day on my day job, sigh.




Turid said...

Lovely blocks you've made. I've thought about trying the birds, but I never did.

Rosa said...

So cute blocks.´The umbrella ones caught my eye.

OPQuilt said...

Best line ever: internet quilting homework. I tend to call it my "correspondence," but truthfully it's "digital correspondence." Love your blocks--even when the day gets ahead of you, you are turning out interesting things!