Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quilty recap, the photos - 2015

2015 Finished Quilts

I wanted to take a look at what I have made in 2015. First, the quilts, and other projects. One of my goals was to focus on making quilts, not other things. I see that I mostly stuck to that plan. I finished 13 quilts and three other projects.

2015 Bee and Round Robin blocks

I was a member of Bee Sewcial this year, which is a bee that my friend Stephanie from Spontaneous Threads and I conceived of and run. Bee Sewcial will continue into the next year, and I am so glad as it is a source of monthly inspiration and challenge. I also joined an international round robin where 6 of us are making a mini quilt - so the challenge is to add something small to each quilt as it arrives. This mosaic has my contributions to each, as well as my contribution to Marci's baby quilt, which I also quilted.

There is also a link for your best - most visited - blog posts of 2015, so, leaving out giveaways, blog hops and link ups, here are my most visited posts, starting with the most visited to least:


1. Pow - Ta Da! and a tutorial

Big Tote

2. A bit about Quilt Market, Spring 2015


3. Hint - Ta Da!


4. Echoes Ta Da! & she was in the QuiltCon magazine too

QuiltCon 2015 Pin Swap

5. QuiltCon 2015 - there was sharing

I found this an interesting exercise, in that statistics are no always indicative of much. However, I was pleased to see that my blog gets the most visits when I speak about new quilts I made or about quilt industry events as those are things that I find the most interesting too.

And I went and made my best nine on instagram (at and this is what resulted. I guess I have shared a lot of photos of Echoes and people seem to like it too.

Well, that's 2015 recapped in photos, I'll see about reviewing some milestones and making a new focus in another post soon.

I'm linking up with Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs, where you can check out a number of beautiful blogs too.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, I have taken the week off and am still unpacking, organizing, visiting, eating and generally having a lot of fun.