Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday October Link Up is open

I had some time to sew yesterday, and I was able to make a scrappy addition to my Pip group assignment for October. This is an international (Canada, USA, Scotland, England, France and Australia) group of 6 quilters to make a round robin mini quilt. Every two months one gets a new project to add onto, a block, a border, some stitching, as you like. As the project is to remain small, I am finding that making an addition I like is a great challenge.

Pip block so far

The photo above (left blocks) shows my first two attempts at adding rolling hills to this set of beautiful blocks. The top half  of the right part is Lynz's starter and the bottom half is Dee's addition. While both of my first attempts are interesting, I ultimately decided that neither was what I had actually envisioned.

Making rolling hills

So I pulled out my scraps of green solids again. Although I fold these pieces each time I am finished with them and put them on my solids fabric shelf, they are very much scraps I think. No piece is larger than a fat quarter and it is rare event to find a full fat quarter of any colour. But I find the solid scraps are much more inviting to me to work with when they are folded away on the shelf than in a scrap bin of some sort.

Making rolling hills

In my mind, I wanted the hills to roll in a method similar to the stunning work of Sherri Lynn Wood. So I decided it was time to actually pull her book from my shelf and read about her score #9 from her fantastic book The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. In the book, Sherri Lynn teaches improv approaches, not how to make a exact copy of any particular quilt, and that is just what I needed for this project. Then I set about cutting and trimming off some strips.

making rolling hills

As I worked into the dark evening, the quality of my pictures deteriorated. But I kept my book at hand for inspiration and built a curved chunk.

Making rolling hills

Remembering that I was making a block of about 6" square, and that I have loads of green scraps should this turn out to be a mistake, I held my breath and cut my curved chunk into two pieces.

Making rolling hills

I played around with arrangements. Then I again cut the pieces to match the curves so that I could piece them together.

Making rolling hills

My method of joining the curves differs from Sherri's book. I used my no pin method (the blog post and video is here) as it works well for even seriously pieced curves and is so much faster and easier for me.

Making rolling hills

At one point I took one of the first two attempts at making the rolling hills and cut a chunk off of it for the bottom bit.

Making rolling hills

At one point on Flickr, Dee had suggested adding some "sky" to the hills. I decided to take up her suggestion and found a blue that exactly matched the blue in Lynz's starting piece so as to tie the two together. I also stay stitched the edges about 1/8" from the edge so that those bias cut edges do not stretch too much as the block makes it way around the world, next to Susan in Australia. Here is the finished piece, ready to mail before I change my mind again.

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