Saturday, August 16, 2014

A few things

Bee block for Anneliese - Modern Stitching Bee

My bee block, block has broken, and I am finally moving ahead on the overdue blocks for the Modern Stitching Bee. This one is for Anneliese. She asked for coloured prints and low volume prints, I hope you can see the difference. It is perhaps a bit subtle, but I am making due with the pretty fabrics I have on hand at my summer place and I am hoping that pretty makes up for big contrast.

Bee block in progress for Anneliese - Modern Stitching Bee

The second block is laid out, but after "re-sewing" several mistakes on the first one - even after laying it out carefully - I decided it was best I start fresh rather than stay up even later to get it done. I am currently unsure about the centre print, I am going to put the low volume corners on it and decide if it needs to change. After this block, I have 4 more Modern Stitching Blocks to finish to catch up to the end of August, and my Always Bee Learning fabrics for August's block are waiting for my return at the end of the month.

And at the end of August, I will be finished all my internet bees, challenges, swaps, etc. (Except for one private swap with Susan - and Susan, I have not started yet, but I have some great ideas.) I like the connection with quilters from other places so I am going to have to decide how I continue to make those connections in a way that works well for me.


I have been making hair bows. It has taken me a few tries to figure the best way out, so I'll take some photos later and give you a little tutorial on how to make them shortly.

This morning I drew the winner of the Milk Cow Kitchen fat quarter bundle give away provided by my sponsor, Green Fairy Quilts. The lovely Amanda, who left me her instagram contact -@amjordy - is the winner. I have posted that on instagram, so Amanda, if you read it first here, I need your email address. Thank you to Green Fairy Quilts for sponsoring this wonderful give away.

In other news, I am thrilled to let you know that Cycles 2 has been accepted to be part of the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas at the end of October. (I might have spent some time booking a hotel and starting a plan to get to Houston for fall Quilt Market and the show this morning.)

Cycles 2

I almost missed the acceptance of my quilt for the show. It seems that at least a few of the acceptance emails were caught in spam filters (and for those who submitted more than one quilt, a rejection email went into regular email while the acceptance email went to spam) and were unnoticed. I only checked when I saw Melissa post about the acceptance of her lovely quilt and then I remembered that I had not heard one way or the other and went searching, ultimately in the spam box. So, if you submitted a quilt or quilts, and don't have an email about each one, check your spam filter!


Next week I am off to Grand Rapids, MI, to see Snowfall in the American Quilters Society show. It will be my first opportunity to see one of my quilts hanging in one of these big American shows, and I am very excited to go. If any of you are going to the show, let me know - maybe we can have a coffee?

Well, I have been to the farmer's market and an art market already this morning, and this afternoon I am planning to pick blackberries and sew that bee block together, maybe start on another set, oh and maybe make a hair bow and take some photos for a quick tutorial. Unless, of course, it all gets put on hold by a nice nap. I hope you have a lovely day.