Friday, August 2, 2013

July and June 2013 - Fresh Sewing Day

July and June 2013

The beginning of the month is a busy blogging time, what with Finish-A-Long business and the Four in Art group so I have not done a monthly recap post for a while. But the monthly Fresh Sewing Day posts are nice, I like to read them and have them on my blog to reflect on the year.
Lily's Quilts

So that mosaic is two months, July and June - they were so full of other things besides sewing. Mostly bee blocks, one finished quilt, one top which I have yet to even tell you about but will soon, my retreat sample trivets and Elizabeth's name tag. I am linking up to Fresh Sewing Day where you can check out other lovely projects done last month and meet some new blogging friends.

Last night I arrived at the west coast of Canada, and brought a whole suitcase with just fabric and projects. I sure hope to have the chance to sew a lot here, despite time at the beach and in my garden, stay tuned.

Oh, and thank you to everyone for your kind words about Owl, I will have time later today to reply to you all individually - another habit that I am returning to now that I am less busy.