Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am mired in work in progress

Pickle Dishes, some progress

I feel like I am always sewing the pickle dish quilt. I am using the pattern templates from the K. Fassett book Quilt Romance. You will recall that the brief for this quilt was brown and mint green, which now that I have a lot of fabrics that are minty green/aqua and brown, is working for me.

In that photo there are about 80 units laid out. I am trying to decide how to use the few dishes which have minty solids and brown prints - should they be random sets of two, or grouped as a set of 8; should they be placed in a pattern (line, diagonal, one corner, etc.) or just randomly placed? The photo shows them grouped as sets of 8 and randomly placed. What do you think?

100 of 200 pickle dishes done.

Last night I hit the 100 unit mark, which measures 5" high. I think I need 200 for a king size quilt. Half way done is good, but I appreciate all encouragement you can give for me to do the next 100. I am hoping for a late night or two, it takes about an hour to make 6 of these for me. It needs to be finished (quilted and bound) by the end of June.

Pickle Dish Quilt

This photo gives you an idea of the blocks. I see a "block" as those 8 units on the right that make a rounded square. Or a block could be the 8 units on the left that make a butterfly. Imagine each with the backgrounds pieced in. Which is a better "block" for laying out and piecing later?

I really need to make some of the "blocks" now to get over the dish unit boredom. I am pretty sure that the blocks will look rather amazing, either way that I piece them, and thus will make the unit making more fun too.

To Boston with Love - Friendship Star Flag, front

On Sunday I made a flag for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's To Boston with Love project. It is a friendship star on both sides. Most folks are making hearts but I think a friendship star also works.

To Boston with Love - Friendship Star Flag, back

If you want to make a flag too, the details of the project are here, and then read the newer posts as there have been updates and further information too. This project makes sense to me and I think it will be amazing if a lot of quilters around the globe participate - sort of a world hug to those who need it.

The rest of my WIP list is short this week (it is long for the quarter but I am not thinking about that today) - I need to finish my bee blocks for Sarah in the Modern Stitching Bee, I need to finish my Four-in-Art mini quilt and I have the very last of the FAL administration to sort out to put Q1 to bed. I am almost caught up on my internet homework too.

I have not managed to do a WIP Wednesday post for a long while. Today I will link with Lee at Freshly Pieced and with the Needle and Thread Network where I know I can find a lot of other friends and inspiration, and so can you.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced