Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 . 12 . 12 - hmmm, this and that

BA{m}S Swap - Ready to wrap and mail

That is the back of my last swap commitment of the year, for the Bee A {modern} Swapper group. I put it in the courier yesterday - it was the very last day to mail, it is the holidays, I am mailing from Canada, it was penance for taking so long, yada yada. I can't show the front yet - my partner, if she saw it, would know immediately it was for her. I backed the mini with an out of print Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope print so even the back is lovely. I really want to show you the front, it turned out so well, so that is the good thing about that courier, it should be delivered this week and then I can share.

BA{m}S Swap

The triple zip pouch made from Winterkist fabrics is also really fun and is the small item for my partner. It is wonky thought, the last (top) zipper and I had a huge fight. I am hoping its colourfulness and triple zip utility will make up for that.

A name tag

That is my new name tag. I joined the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild, and we have a challenge to make name tags which reflect our personality/style. I think I did ok. The group is really nice but they are mostly not on line so I am working on encouraging them in that regard. I thought I should join, as I am going to Quiltcon (so excited, more on that soon).

The back of my name tag

The back of my name tag, I guess you are not surprised I went for improv. And a basting pin to hold it onto a borrowed lanyard. The next meeting is tomorrow, so this is done in the nick of time.

My helpers

Here is my tip of the week, you can use your heavy, super cute, bookend guys to hold up your rulers and make some room on your cutting mat. And they can also help your name tags and other small things pose for pictures too. It took me long enough to figure that one out so I am sharing.

I am behind. I looked at my Finish Along list and one of 9 things is done. One. Yikes. Luckily, I don't have to make handmade presents this year. I might sneak in a few knitted hats but there is no pressure for gifts. So maybe I can manage a few more FAL finishes, I am going to try - I have until New Years.  Oh, and I have two sets of bee blocks to finish too. I wonder what else I have forgotten about.

And my last thing to show you today, well there is some adult content coming so look away if you need to (or send the kids off for a minute). This project is not on the FAL list but I am looking forward to working on it. It is my quilt for Krista's Proverbial QAL. I have settled on making a quilt for my office wall - a No quilt.

fabrics for proverbial quilt

The No quilt is for me, to remind me to say No. Generally I say yes on the phone or by email, I say yes because people need me, because I know how to do what they want, because I like to be helpful. But I need to say No more often, I have too much to do and not everything I agree to is a good use of my time, and not every project is good for me.

I have picked out those fabrics. Center City by Jay McCarroll and some solids with various linens for backgrounds. These are some of my most favourite fabrics. The quilt will follow the Proverbial Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt, with some additions and variations. I already have some variations, Rebecca (my daughter) has embraced this project and is embroidering. She either thinks I have a streetwise inner voice or need to get one soon. Here is her first block.

For my No quilt

I love it. This is good in all kinds of situations. She has made another, which is ruder and I have not yet taken a picture but I will soon, I expect she is not done with this project yet.

Suggestions for No lines are welcome (edited to add: the ideas do not have to be rude, I am expecting to use many family rated No statements). This is for me, to remind me. The persons asking will not likely ever see the quilt on my wall so it is not a sign to them. And it is not about "I can't" or any other disempowering ideas - of course I can. But I should learn to say No anyway, at least more of the time than I do. I have several lines in mind already, but the wall in my office is very high, there is plenty of room for more.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to working on this quilt, while I also work on my FAL projects, and watch movies, TV and read books, hang out with family, and enjoy the season.

If you have not yet entered my Architexture giveway, go here to do so - there are no hoops or anything and the prize is excellent.

It is 12 . 12 . 12, that is not going to happen again for a long while. Enjoy your day.