Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and so long to pincushion block

Wendy Bird Pincushion

Let me introduce you to Wendy Bird. The pattern is from LollyChops and is here. It is a great pattern, fast and easy. Soon we will all have Wendy Birds - go on I know you want one too.

Wendy Bird

I made her for my secret partner in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap. She is made from Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric. This is a fabric line I hope to use more of soon - time to get it off the shelf where it has been placed as too special to touch -  it is lovely to work with and I just love the colours and patterns. In case you were wondering, Wendy Bird is stuffed with polyfill and a small rock near her butt to keep her balanced and upright.

Wendy Bird Pincushion

She has aspirations but I think she will be happy with my parter.

You might remember that I had pincushion block. In fact when it passed two ideas had emerged. A lot of people were making cute critters, which is what led to Wendy Bird. But I was drawn to the modern pincushions too.

Triangle Prism Pincushion

This Triangle Prism Pincushion is one I made up myself. It is a mood pincushion, turn it to the side that suits your mood. Above is the Princess side.

Triangle Prism Pincushion

Domestic Goddess side.

Triangle Prism Pincushion

Foxy or sly side.

Triangle Prism Pincushion

And the just let me sew side. You may have noticed a bit of handstitching on this one as well as a bunch of machine quilting. I think this pincushion is a good place for random acts of embroidery and I am hoping to inspire my partner to add some, by getting her started.

My kids were discussing graffiti and Banksy and I was thinking about yarn bombing. Suddenly I realized there ought to be more random acts of embroidery. Anyone want to join me in that?

Triangle Prism Pincushion

A top view. To coax it into keeping its shape I ironed on some rather stiff interfacing and also lined each triangle with batting before I quilted each side. It is still a bit roundy for a prism but since it is a pincushion it will be fine.

At first I though I might send only one or the other away for the swap. However, my partner is very special, these two pincushions are sort of a pair, and so, I am sending her both. And I am going to make another Wendy Bird just for me.


And I wanted to share my roses with you to wish you Happy Mother's Day. I have had a lovely day so far, I hope you have too.

Tomorrow I have a finish to share with you too.




Sarah said...

Ooh if I could knit you bet your ass I'd be yarn bombing... What would the quilting equivalent be???

Love the pinnies, especially the foxy side ;-) lol

Katy Cameron said...

I'm just can't stop laughing at poor Wendy with the rock in her butt, how uncomfy! Your other pincushion is fun, loving the idea of embroidered graffiti :oD

Al said...

I really love that 'mood' pincushion. I think it's a really fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pincushions :)

Dianne Neale said...

Love it all - random acts of embroidery sounds like great fun!

Catherine said...

I love your prism pincushion - that's just inspired! (and my daughter covets the birdy - I think we'll have to try it.)

Canadian Abroad said...

Lovely pin cushions - and I love the 'mood' pin cushion. It would help my family to no end to judge the mood before they spoke! ;-)

Beautiful and well deserved roses too.

Debbie said...

What great pincushions! hope you don't mind that I pinned the prism - really fun! Glad you had a great Mother's Day - me too!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Super pin cusions! Dare you to randomly embroider something of Susan's whilst she's sleeping!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love the pincushions!! Maybe you could find something brown, embroider it with more brown and then give it to Hadley?!!

Catherine said...

love your pincushions, your pyramid one is very clever. And the roses are stunning

Poppyprint said...

Well, lucky partner you have then! I love both pin cushions you made and am fully into random acts of embroidery any time!

felicity said...

You've a VERY lucky partner - I love your pincushions, both.

Random acts of Embroidery made me smile.

OPQuilt said...

That prism pincushion is brilliant. I need a "I have to grade these dumb papers" side. (But today was the last day of class, so hurrah! for summer!)


karen said...

am looking forward to see who gets these sweet pincushions!

karen said...

am looking forward to see who gets these sweet pincushions!